The power of business belief buddies – Episode 67 Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

The power of business belief buddies – Episode 67 Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

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Emma and Audrey literally had one of those classic “eyes meeting across a crowded room” moments many years ago when they were both at a Coach Training event in Melbourne. 

 “I remember feeling so out of my comfort zone at this event and thinking she looks lovely” says Emma. “Audrey must have a similar feeling because we made a beeline for each other!” We turned out to be Kindred Spirits” agrees Audrey, “and we became sounding boards for each others businesses when we returned to our homes on different states”.

They haven’t stopped talking since and in the beginning of 2013 their friendship and support blossomed into a business collaboration and My Fifteen Minutes was born, the program for busy working Mums who needed to find slices of time for themselves and traction in areas including well-being, relationships & connections, career / business, finances, personal growth, home, fun & recreation.

There are now live workshops and different versions of the program for Business Owners and other audiences. The pair were approached by a publisher to create a book based on the 15 minutes concepts and “I DO have time” was released this year.  

It’s safe to say that this chapter has expanded into an entire volume!    

But in the midst of this story of success and camaraderie, there is also challenge and great sadness, with Emma losing her beloved husband, Jeff, unexpectedly to a heart attack just 4 days after their first workshop and in the midst of editing their book. 

 “My family and I were carried in the days and weeks after losing Jeff, by the most wonderful deep and caring support”, Emma shares. “And I realised not everyone has that level of support that I am so truly grateful for and so creating  charity to help soothe the raw pain of other people in the situation was in is one of my goals for the new year”. 

And that support was remarkable, and true testament to the power of community and reciprocation because, as Audrey tells us “the reason there was such an outpouring of love and support was because this is how Emma shows up in the world. She gives all the time and so when it was her time of need, that support poured back to her with deep love and compassion.  

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Show Notes

Both of these wonderful women are committed to the concept of nurturing themselves, and one another.

Belief Buddies in business and life with so much more ahead, they shared their practices and approached with me in this wholehearted conversation and some of those highlights are below: 


  • Audrey: “I’m up and down here,but I no longer beat myself up about it”. Walking whilst listening to Podcasts, playing outdoors with my kids and I still have my skateboard
  • Emma: “I do run, but I also walk”. But my most important message is get your heart checked! Heart disease kills one in three Australians.  

Emotional/Spiritual/Mental Health 

  • Audrey: I’m blessed with a close, tight knit family, a safe space where I can bring my concerns, frustration, hurt and rejections
  • Emma: “I like to escape and create – I write teenage fiction!
  • Both women recommend the Calm App and the Deep Sleep meditation by Andrew Johnston. 


  • Emma: “You Angela! You’re grasp of the greater elements of marketing in our Mastermind has been so valuable to me”. I also love Amy Porterfield and going to live events and training programs
  • Audrey: “Find your gaps and work out how to close them – I’m about to go to a 3 days event about improving my public speaking. I also love working in small groups where you can throw ideas round in a judgment free zone”. 

Links and More Information

Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

About Emma Grey 

Emma is a Life Balance specialist. Through a suite of innovative concepts and tools, Emma offers organisations and individuals practical solutions to the modern challenge of ‘having it all’.

Her ideal corporate client employs educated, experienced, professionally-savvy staff in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Through seminars, workshops and executive coaching, WorkLifeBliss builds participants’ capacity to thrive under pressure, cope with change, interact positively with others and manage their time for maximum professional productivity and personal contentment.

Emma holds a BA (Hons), Graduate Diploma in Education and Advanced Practitioner certificates in Coaching and Training. She is a published author, speaker and freelance journalist.

About Audrey Thomas 

Audrey is an experienced and accredited coach and facilitator, and has a strong background in Learning and Development, Project and Change Management, Human Resources and Operations Management.

Having spent many years in the corporate sector working with a diverse range of teams, she has a long history of delivering performance and success coaching.

Now in her own business, Audrey works with clients within the public and private sectors to discover and develop untapped potential and deliver measurable and sustainable change. Audrey is passionate about working with her clients, and coaching and mentoring them to achieve greater levels of success in their professional and personal lives.

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