Balancing risk and opportunity – Episode 66 Karen Gordon

Balancing risk and opportunity – Episode 66 Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon (1)
Karen Gordon (1)

When her coach told Karen that “it was obvious she wanted to start her own business”, even though she knew it was true, she froze.

She knew she was unhappy. An accountant by trade, her 25 year career had brought a great deal of success, but she had changed and so had the company she worked for. She knew she wanted more but the risk of letting go of a regular, lucrative paycheck was scary. And so for 2 years she stayed. Until the uncomfortability of an unrealised dream become too much to sit with.

“I knew this was something I could not think my way out of. I needed to feel my way through it”.

And so she did, eventually taking the leap out of Corporate and creating “Go Where Meetings Matter” a creative conference centre that provides an amazing space to bring her ideas to life and in an environment where some of the world’s most productive meetings are held!

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Show Notes

Karen’s Support Circle


  • “This is an area that’s the most neglected at the moment – I know it…. So I have started slowly again, with bike rides with my buddies “
  • Chiropractor
  • Massages – but these provide a heck of a lot of emotional support too!


  • Meditation
    “I notice the difference when I don’t do it, but that doesn’t mean I do it more!”
  • Good boundaries
  • Zentangle – relaxation for focus
  • “My belief in God is important to me, but I can’t be happy in a church – it feels too judgmental to me”


  • “I had a community in the Corporate world – I worked with 70 people and there was always someone I could talk with, shoot the breeze with”, but I lost that when I went out on my own. Fortunately, I discovered the world of Masterminding and my online support structure”
  • Good Life Project Camp – a beautiful “Camp for Adults” full of love and support


  • A Coach who has helped me to realise I could face risk and make choices
  • My Mastermind, for a diversity of opinions and perspectives and a safe space to flourish in

Links and More Information

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon is a reformed corporate executive, an entrepreneur, and a coach.

She left the corporate world to launch the creative conference center she built so she would have an amazing space to bring all her dreams to life.

As a bonus, lots of other businesses are finding out how productive meetings can be!

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