How a Mastermind has supported my business evolution – Sarah Tovey, The Circle of Support Series: Ep 64

How a Mastermind has supported my business evolution – Sarah Tovey, The Circle of Support Series: Ep 64

How a Mastermind has supported my business evolution
How a Mastermind has supported my business evolution

The first step into Sarah’s Next Chapter came when her children, a daughter and twin boys, were born within a short period of time. “I needed to leave, as my then husband was traveling a lot and it was just not feasible for two corporate careers to coincide. But even though I did make the choice, I struggled with the loss of identity. It took me some time to let go of what had been. Since then, I’ve had many chapters!

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey began in the way that many of our stories do. We take the skills from our corporate lives (in Sarah’s case, marketing and sales) and launch a freelance or consulting business model. But although this work was enjoyable, Sarah knew there was something missing from the mix.

It wasn’t until her separation and subsequent divorce that the call to follow her heart became too loud to ignore any longer and her new business, ‘Spark your Light” was about to be launched, with a focus on helping other business owners to truly connect to and communicate their own bigger messages.

But there was more to come, additional layers that needed to be experienced and peeled back, as Sarah explored new opportunities that mirrored where she was on her own personal journey before her current, blossoming business “Your Relationship Marketing Mentor” was born.

Along the way, Sarah developed and built a Circle of Support that has held, supported and stretched her. “I knew I couldn’t do this on my own”

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Show Notes

  • We teach what we most need to learn ourselves
  • Our confidence muscles often need rebuilding when we’ve been out of the workforce, raising our kids
  • Try as you might to suppress it, if that desire for more, for different keeps resurfacing you need to listen to it and then act on it.
  • You need to be connected to yourself before you can reach out and connect fully with others
  • Your family is not necessarily your soul connection
  • Check in with your Body Barometer, it will keep you on track
  • Investing in ourselves is simply essential

Sarah’s Support Circle includes:


  • Personal Trainer
  • Cleaner
  • Remedial Massage
  • Chiropractor


  • Raised a Catholic, but now most aware of tapping into “something greater than myself”
  • Clairvoyant


  • Face to face networking
  • Mini communities
  • People who model “what’s possible”


  • Various coaches who close specific skill and need gaps
  • A Next Chapter Success Circle

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Sarah Tovey

In Sarah’s own words….”

I’ve loved all things sales and marketing for most of my life. I have always wanted to run my own business from the age of 10 or so. When it gets under your skin there is no turning back.

For the past 12 years, since leaving Corporate, I have been consulting with many different small businesses primarily in the area of sales and marketing. But as I grow a little older and wiser I now know that it is working with women that really makes my heart sing. In particular women who are transitioning into a new business or wanting to take their current business to the next level.

A single Mum of three beautiful kids, a daughter 13 and twin boys who are 11. Life is certainly full and vibrant, but together we make a great team as we navigate our way through this thing called life. I want to be a positive role model for them, show them that you can create a life doing what you love.

And so Your Relationship Marketing Mentor V3 has been born!

When we work together you'll experience a deeper confidence in your own authentic marketing skills so that you can grow a profitable and fulfilling businesses full of connection and creativity. I provide both “done with you” services, where I will empower you with your own visual marketing skills and confidence and “done for you” services, where I tap into my own creativity to showcase and extend your brand and services.

I invite you to have a complimentary 'Spark your Light' Discovery Conversation with me to see how we can enhance your Visual Marketing to connect with your Ideal Clients in an authentic and aligned way.

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