Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 62 – Diane Diaz – Developing a strong Personal Brand

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 62 – Diane Diaz – Developing a strong Personal Brand


How do you see your personal brand? How do others perceive you? How can you align the two for Brand Clarity? Diane Diaz, the Brand Teacher shares how you can develop a distinct brand personality, clarity, and alignment in an episode that’s rich with insights and guidance for all Next Chapter Businesswomen.

A well-defined, authentic, and consistent personal brand gives you a standout advantage in the marketplace and builds greater trust with your potential clients and customers – this is a skill you want to develop!

“You need to consistently walk and walk and talk the talk – because you’re not only telling the world who you are, but you’re also telling your own subconscious and building your confidence step by step” explains Diane. “Your essence, who you authentically are, needs to come through both on and offline and, as you need consistency across all platforms, I recommend you develop a Personal Policy to help you to cultivate your brand”.

There were many aha moments in this wholehearted conversation for me and I’m sure there will be for you too. Diane also shares her own journey into becoming what she calls “an accidental entrepreneur”!

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Show Notes

  • Differentiation is essential in a crowded market and your personal brand is the key and a huge business advantage – corporations and businesses cannot create a personal brand!
  • Your brand needs to both attract and deter – that’s how you attract the right people for you. Being vanilla doesn’t work as the people you are most trying to reach won’t be able to hear that what you have to offer is for them
  • Ask yourself – what words would you like to have associated with your personal brand? What actions can you take that will help to build and be consistent with those words and descriptions?
  • Be very aware of your personal values and beliefs, as they need to be incorporated into your brand essence and communicated consistently.
  • Before you share something in the on or offline space, pause and ask yourself “how important is it that I share this? Does it align with who I really am and how I’d like to be seen? Don’t be afraid to stand out or even be controversial if that is who you are and what you stand for
  • Personal branding, like all journeys in the entrepreneurial world, is an evolution.

Links and More Information

Every Podcast Episode is enriched by our guests answering these key questions.

  • How do you grow your community?
  • How do you attract leads?
  • How do you package your services?

And Diane has many valuable personal insights and experiences she shares in our chat.

She has also been kind enough to provide you with a copy of her Personal Brand Workbook. A fabulous first steps into developing or realigning your own Personal Brand, you’ll walk through four key steps to turn you into a STAR:

  1. Set personal brand goals
  2. Take stock of how you see you & how others see you
  3. Analyze all personal brand touchpoints
  4. Refresh and reveal your consistent personal brand

Click on the image below to access the workbook.


I also like to ask about favourite books from each guest, as us Next Chapter women, we tend to be voracious readers. Diane’s love of Big Magic is shared by me – we particularly agree with Elizabeth’s theory on ideas looking for a home. It’s why I have an ‘Ideas Box” on my desk – I capture those inspired thoughts that, might not be aligned with my current  strategic focus right now, but I’m keen to explore in the future because they’re tantalising and I don’t want the “Ideas Fairy” to take them away and gift them to someone else!

Diane also recommends shower crayons – because don’t we often have our very best ideas in the shower!

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz is a self-proclaimed brand geek and 360Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist & Social Branding Analyst. She uses her two decades of combined branding and teaching experience to teach professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash the power of their personal brands so they can be rockstars in their careers or businesses and works with companies to align their employees’ brands with the company brand

Her passion for branding is combined with 15 years working in the corporate world, 9 years of which was spent leading the marketing and branding efforts for two award-winning residential communities, and supported by a BS in marketing and an MBA. During her time in residential development she was honoured to have been awarded Marketing Director of the Year 2002 by the Home Builders Association of Central Florida.

And as a natural teacher with nearly 9 years teaching marketing classes at Full Sail University, she’s skilled in leading workshops to teach teams how to define their personal brands so that they support their individual professional goals and increase brand awareness for their companies. Then the individual and company brands can coexist in synergy and be stronger together, building better teams and companies.

Diane truly believes that people are capable of so much more than they even realize. And a clear, consistent, and authentic personal brand is just the beginning to unleashing true potential in their career or business or building a strong corporate culture.

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