Video Marketing made easy – Jenny de Lacy – Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 61


Ten years ago is when the journey began… illness, major surgery, divorce and the need to take care of 3 young boys on her own, this Next Chapter had a tough beginning for Jenny. “How can I earn a living and maintain my sanity without a safety net” was the biggest question that she needed to address.

A 20-year career in Learning and development held the key and the steps began to become clearer over the next few years as Jenny juggled contract and project work and continued to reconsider, reflect and consolidate.

What am I good at?
What value can I provide?

How do I want to work?

Jenny dabbled in copywriting. Tried working alone. She recognised that “following your passion” was a good philosophy, but that she needed to be anchored, not to adopt an all or nothing approach.

And that taking action, even when it didn’t initially work out 100%? It paid off when she discovered and began to prosper in a niche that leverages her skills and enthusiasm and meets a real need in the marketplace – Video Marketing. Lights, Camera Lipstick was born!

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Show Notes

  • Find your transferable skills – look back and see what you have done n the past and how these skills can be adapted to take you forward. (See to help you here if you have yet to decide what Your Next Chapter Business will be)
  • Actively participating in Facebook groups helps you to identify opportunities, the needs of fellow entrepreneurs
  • Understand the need to run a “lean business” – take a hard look at your expenses and decide what can be cut without hurting your positioning or systems. “Only change something when it is starting to break down from your customers perspective” – investing in software for your systems is great – but not too soon. Too often we can allow ourselves to be seduced by bright shiny systems that don’t really add value to our businesses and hurt our bottom line.
  • Be nimble and flexible – being able to respond rapidly to an opportunity is one of your greatest advantages as a solo entrepreneur or small business owner
  • Take your learning’s from each client to the next – you are always evolving in business
  • Mindset is always the place to start – if things are not working, or if fear and doubt is stopping you from taking action, focus here first.
  • There is no such thing as an overnight success

Video Marketing Tips

  • You need video in your business today – 85% of content consumed online is video and on Facebook, that increases to 90%
  • Text and images are just not as powerful as being seen and heard. Networking and connecting face to face is the #1 connection strategy, and live pre pre-recorded video is the next best thing because we experience an emotional pull
  • Nerves are normal! You can increase your initial confidence by ensuring your technology message and look is sorted, and then your overall confidence will simply increase as your familiarity and competence grow.

Facebook Live Tips

  • Engagement on a Facebook Live gives you 10X the engagement, comments and reactions and that’s something the FB algorithm LOVES and so your reach will increase.
  • Make sure you’re looking right at the camera when you go live
  • Have your phone high enough so you and your audience are face to face – that creates a welcoming and engaging feeling
  • Be very aware of the lag of about 30 seconds on a FB Live – ask a question and wait for interaction – you an even say “I’m just waiting for a comment or question….”

About the speaker

From generating ideas to bring your video marketing to life, to taming the technology and building rock solid confidence in your business message, Jenny inspires and motivates clients every day to use video marketing to grow their business and increase their profitability.

Jenny is a video marketing strategist, copywriter and speaker, with 25 years experience presenting to audiences from 2-200 across diverse industries. From sole traders to corporates. What Jenny doesn't know about presenting with impact and crafting powerful messages isn't worth knowing.

Rejecting random acts of video marketing, and needing an effortless system to follow to build her business visibility, Jenny developed Lights Camera Lipstick – a five step system that makes adding video marketing simple and easy to implement in any type of business, and do it like a star.

Teaching hundreds of women to use the power of video to grow their business over the last year, Jenny has built a strong following and brand based on breaking through the fear of criticism, and creating strategies for confidence in your message, the technology and yourself.

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