Episode 60 – Emma Veiga-Malta – Becoming a profitable artist

Episode 60 – Emma Veiga-Malta – Becoming a profitable artist

Ep 060 YNC podcast Emma Veiga-Malta
Ep 060 YNC podcast Emma Veiga-Malta

Emma had always been drawn to making the world more beautiful. As an artist in Switzerland, she taught adults how to paint and completed commissions for her own clients as she raised her children. But when her family moved to Sydney the door to her Next Chapter as flung wide open in ways she could not have imagined.

The GFC hit hard the family hard, as her husband was in the financial industry. Emma found herself needing to transform her hobby and skills into a business entity that could contribute at a higher level.

Once she moved through what she described as the “middle-class taboo”, the experience of admitting and accepting that “the system” of comfort she had known was no longer available, she took a deep breath, focused, and began to explore how she could generate income in a sustainable way.

Bespoke Backdrops was born…

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Show Notes

“I started by looking at how I could transfer my current skills into a new endeavor. I knew the key was to create something useful, something that was really needed by people. My first Next Chapter. Bespoke Chairs, was delightful and I even won a Pitch Fest in Silicon Valley with my concepts, but the reality was it wasn’t generating enough income so I went back the drawing board.

I wrote out my Perfect Day as a business owner, how I really wanted to work and who with, and that helped me to identify what I did not want – which is the starting point for any new endeavor!”.

  • Find your transferable skills – look back and see what you have done n the past and how these skills can be adapted to take you forward. (See www.yourjourneyboard.com to help you here if you have yet to decide what Your Next Chapter Business will be)
  • Actively participating in Facebook groups helps you to identify opportunities, the needs of fellow entrepreneurs
  • Understand the need to run a “lean business” – take a hard look at your expenses and decide what can be cut without hurting your positioning or systems. “Only change something when it is starting to break down from your customers perspective” – investing in software for your systems is great – but not too soon. Too often we can allow ourselves to be seduced by bright shiny systems that don’t really add value to our businesses and hurt our bottom line.
  • Be nimble and flexible – being able to respond rapidly to an opportunity is one of your greatest advantages as a solo entrepreneur or small business owner
  • Take your learning’s from each client to the next – you are always evolving in business
  • Mindset is always the place to start – if things are not working, or if fear and doubt is stopping you from taking action, focus here first.
  • There is no such thing as an overnight success

Links and More Information

Emma has kindly provided access to her simple, focused guide on ‘How to create your brand and visual identity” that she uses each time to designs a backdrop or a brand.



Emma Veiga-Malta

Emma Veiga-Malta is the founder and designer at Bespoke Backdrops; a boutique design studio that specialises in creating imaginative video backdrops and media walls.

Each backdrop and media wall is designed exclusively around your business brand and culture, helping you deliver your message powerfully and stand out from the crowd.

Emma Veiga-Malta has a 20 year career as an artist and designer, in both Europe and Australia. She grew up in England, graduated in London with a BA(hons) fashion degree, worked in PR and publishing before moving to Switzerland, where she ran a small art studio.

She now lives in Sydney, Australia with her family, working with clients worldwide. Making life and business more beautiful!

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