Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 59 – Karenna Alexander – Becoming the Love Doctor

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With a background in journalism – “serious” journalism, Karenna never expected the flavour and focus of her eventual Next Chapter to encompass helping women to find love and improve their relationships. She enjoyed the challenge of news journalism, was enticed by broadcasting and was anchored in the value of tangible success by her academic family.

But that’s the thing about Next Chapters, they’re not always obvious or anticipated! They’re evolutions and have a habit of finding us…

Karenna freely admits that the journey in this new direction wasn’t easy. Learning the Art of Business was a challenge. It was scary. She had no experience in business. She’d never taken a business course. She had no sales experience. But she didn’t allow any of this to stop her and simply took one step at a time, asking for help when she found a skill gap, investing in herself along the way.

“Five years ago I felt helpless and scared. But I worked on getting my head in the right space and believing in myself. I knew I could help people and that’s what I focused on. Step by step I worked it out and made it happen and you can too”.

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Show Notes

“In 2008 newsrooms were cutting staff and I could see the need for change. I did love the work, but it took a lot out of me and I was not being well financially compensated for my work. I wanted passion in my work. I wanted to make a difference. And I wanted to make great money too”.

“So I started my business on the side, became a certified coach and started to help women in an area where I’d seen my own patterns of self-sabotage and fear of commitment. I began to help women set clear boundaries in their relationships and begin to thrive again, and I loved it!”.

  • Pick one medium where you’re starting out and get really good at it – don’t try and spread yourself across them all.
  • You don’t need to have all the answers for your clients – just be 5 steps ahead – be real, a way shower
  • Sales conversations can be hard at first, charging for the difference you make can feel awkward. But it gets easier with every call you have.
  • Start with one on one work and hone your skills and systems and then develop programs to leverage your time
  • Surround yourself with high energy, positive and supportive people – avoid the complainers and nay-sayers so you can keep your vibe high
  • Gratitude journals are really important – they help you to “filter for the good” and get your head in the right place – so important especially in those early, hard years of business.

About the speaker

Karenna Alexander is New York City's top love expert.

Dating coaching and matchmaking is now her full-time business. Her specialty is helping women understand men, and she has a book coming out on this topic in the fall.

Karenna's background is in journalism - she has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University in NYC, and was a reporter when she started working as a dating coach about 15 years ago.

At the time, she had no clue she wanted to be a dating coach, but when she had a dating conundrum herself and was helped tremendously by two dating coaches, she started helping other women, and her passion turned into her second career.

She offers a six-week transformational dating coaching course for women, and is also an exclusive matchmaker.

When she started her dating and matchmaking business, she thought she would leave journalism fully behind, but because she was so good at getting press for her own business, she decided to help other business owners and coaches attract publicity for their own businesses. So on top of her work as a love coach, she also teaches a wildly popular Publicity Crash Course for entrepreneurs.

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