Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 57 – Kristen Luppenlatz – Enjoy being in your Body

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 57 – Kristen Luppenlatz – Enjoy being in your Body

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podcast cover guest speaker-02-01

A lifetime of chronic pain subsided when Kristen discovered Pilates and this incredible experience opened the door to what she knows is her life’s’ work – “helping people to enjoy being in their body” as they bring Pilates into their everyday life for strength, flexibility and longevity.

Kristen’s confidence was high as a Master Teacher with 18 years experience, owning her own studio and seeing the powerful, positive impact her work had on others. She knew she wanted to take her work to a broader audience, to help more people, and she knew the way to do that was to go online.

But that brought with it a whole host of new challenges, not the least of which was technology!

“I felt so vulnerable online – how would I be judged? What would people think when I commented on posts? I was comfortable doing my videos, but it took me some time to relax into really being me online. An expensive foray into “Guru Land” were I tried to follow the formula of someone else for very little results made me realise, I needed to do this my way. And so I am and although I may be moving slower, I’m enjoying the journey so much more”.

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Show Notes

  • Never underestimate the value of your wisdom and experience – there are so many people with expertise others need who take their skills for granted.
  • Ask yourself – “how can I do what I LOVE to do, how can I do it in a way that feels really true to me” – then do that. Allow your personality to shine through – that‘s what your people will connect and resonate with.
  • There are no guarantees in business – whether you choose to invest “a whole chunk of change” with an “expert” or choose to follow your gut and do it your way, but the latter is often the more fulfilling and a lot less stressful.
  • But don’t hesitate to outsource the aspects that confound you – a VA can be a life saver!

And when it comes to your physical health

  • If you are at a desk all day, lack of movement is your problem – give yourself multiple mini breaks to simply stretch
  • Move with intention – be aware of your body, even when you are just walking and you will flex and tone your muscles.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of placing all of your attention on your business when your physical well-being is just as important. Give loving attention to your body and you’ll enjoy so many more years of.

Links and More Information

Kristen has kindly provided listeners of the Your Next Chapter Podcast with free access to her “Pilates at your desk” training.

Click on the image below for access.

Kristen Luppenlatz

Kristen began her study of Pilates in 1993 to alleviate chronic pain from two car accidents. She trained in the PhysicalMind Method before attending the Pilates Teacher Training Intensive at the San Francisco Ellie Herman Studios in 2000. She owned Resilience Pilates Studio for four years before joining forces with Chantill Lopez to create Pilates Collective in 2006.

Kristen studied with four of the five first-generation Pilates teachers who were taught directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates, only two of whom are still living.

With her education in classical and contemporary Pilates as well as related movement modalities, Kristen creates an individualized program to address the specific needs of each of her students.

She is especially excited about integrating the Pilates work into everyday movements such as walking and daily tasks like driving, housecleaning and gardening.

Kristen is the co-founder and owner of Pilates Collective on the plaza in the idyllic town of Sebastopol, California and Pilates Home Practice online.

Kristen’s background is in performing and directing musical theatre and in voiceover. She is the creator of the Dynamic Presence curriculum developed to help movement teachers enhance their ability to confidently use their voice and body to train individual students and large groups.

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