Episode 56: Nikki Smith – Micro experiments in Business and Life

Episode 56: Nikki Smith – Micro experiments in Business and Life


It was testing the concept of mini-experiments out for herself that helped Nikki Smith to truly understand the power of starting small, going slow and trying on a next chapter for size before fully committing, boots and all.

“Chunk it down, test it out, play with it, get curious and look for joy jolts – then you’ll know you’re on the right path. It’s how I moved from the corporate world to redundancy coaching to career coaching, to trying our surfing, returning to singing and onto a sea change with my family”.

Mini experiments have 3 levels:

  • Level one – Try something new out for an hour
  • Level Two – Invest 3-15 hours over 1-3 months
  • Level Three – Embark on a year-long commitment

I’m sure you’ll find this episode inspiring and thought-provoking.

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Show Notes

"Mini experiments are the perfect way to step gradually into something new without over committing. They’re particularly great when you’re craving creativity and meaning – perhaps you’ll try out photography, interior design or sketching? I’m conducting one at the moment – I attended a one-off workshop on Intuition (that was a couple of hours), then went to level two, committing to a 6-week term and then took the plunge and signed up for the year!"

  • If you’re a high achiever, you may shy away from trying new things, or significant change – a mini-experiment gives you permission to explore without needing to “get it right”
  • If you have a fierce Inner Critic she is more likely to quiet down during a mini-experiment because it’s “just” an adventure – nothing serious or permanent…. Yet!
  • They are also great to quell the fears or judgments of well-meaning but, discouraging, family and friends. After all, you’re just testing the waters…
  • As you experiment, let go of how you think things “should” go or be. Just lean into the experience itself – after all, you’re just testing the waters.
  • Ask yourself how you’re feeling before you get involved, during the experience and afterward. If two out of three get a big tick, then it’s time to move onto level two.
  • Understanding your personal strengths is a huge advantage as you delve into mini-experiments – this gives you permission to shape your life, to own it, to make the changes that suit you and the way you work in the world.

Links and More Information

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Your mini-experiment guide: Click here

Mini-experiments make real change achievable, so sign-up for Nikki’s mini-experiment kit. Whether it’s for more happiness or to figure out your next career move – start with a mini-experiment!

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Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith is a psychologist and career change coach with 16 years experience in Australia and the UK helping people to find their best-fit role. She guides and cheerleads individuals to create their dream-life best-fit role or business. One with more freedom and flexibility that plays to your strengths, interests and lifestyle needs.

Nikki sees opportunities and connections between ideas where others’ don’t. She has changed careers three times herself and understands what it’s like to be on both sides of the experience. She elevates others’ visions and confidence through strengths coaching; helping people to value their strengths and see them as their superpower and give them the knowledge and tools to use them every day.

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