Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 55: Angela Raspass – Your Offer Staircase

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 55: Angela Raspass – Your Offer Staircase

Your Offer Staircase-01-01
Your Offer Staircase-01-01

One of the things I am asked most often in my Strategy Sessions is “how do I package my services?”. And it’s a great question, as this is the backbone of your business and what I call your “Offer Staircase”.

Potential clients can be at any stage in their own Buying Cycle, from simple awareness of a need, to actively looking for a solution to being ready to invest, today.

The first step in my Progressive Engagement Plan is Discovery – choosing your Marketing Megaphone and Support Acts that you consistently utilise to become visible and desirable in your market. But once you have been discovered, you then need to invite your Most Aligned Client to step onto your Staircase – the red carpeted staircase into your world!

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Show Notes

Step One: ENGAGE

A no barrier to entry product, service, event or experience.

Something that is free and doesn’t pose any risk to your most aligned client ie: free of charge (though it does require an investment of time and energy) and allows them to experience your style and approach whilst you help solve a small part of the challenge they are currently experiencing.

This is often referred to as a Lead Magnet, Taste test or Opt In.

Examples include e-books, “Cheat Sheets”, Templates/check lists, Challenges, Quiz/Assessments, Podcast, Mini e-courses


A low barrier to entry product, service, event or experience.

Something that requires their first financial investment with you, this could be an initial consultation or session, a group program or something similar.

Examples include a single coaching or healing session, an e-Course, a Virtual Workshop and Live event

Step Three: EMBRACE

An investment offer with high access to you.

This is usually your primary offering, it’s an extended program or package you LOVE delivering and it’s where you will likely generate the largest portion of your income.

Examples include a Coaching or Mentoring Program, a small Group Program, High-level e-course, Personal Workshop or VIP Day, a Mastermind or a Retreat

What will sit on each of the steps in your Offer Staircase?

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You can read more about the Progressive Engagement Plan I refer to in this episode and download a copy here

The 5 Days of Focus is an example of one of my own “Elevate” Steps and you can access this e course here.

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