Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 53: Brenda Tsiaousis – The Courage to Bloom

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 53: Brenda Tsiaousis – The Courage to Bloom


In 2009 Brenda and her family arrived in Tasmania from South Africa. It was a dream come true, a breath of fresh air, a safe haven and the opportunity to start afresh after a corporate career.

But it was also a shock.

“I not very domesticated, and didn’t do well in captivity” laughed Brenda when we spoke. “And to be honest, I felt as though I had lost my identity. I was no longer the Corporate High Achiever. So who was I? I had no job in this new city, was a stay at home Mum for the first time in a very long time and I wanted, needed, to contribute. And so the journey into redefining myself began”.

Brenda’s Phoenix moment revealed itself when she was googling “work from home” and the amongst all of the results, the topic of coaching came up and captivated her. She realised that she wanted to be coached, to help her find a new path forward. The door opened, the dots connected and not long after, Brenda found herself traveling to Melbourne completing Certificate 4 in Coaching.

Today Brenda provides a powerful blend of business and life coaching with a core message of the importance of developing “The Courage to Bloom” to a growing community of women in Australia and around the world.

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Show Notes

  • Ask yourself, “how do I want my future to look?” When you take time to envisage your future, you are already beginning to proactively make it happen
  • If that’s a challenge, and it can be for many of us, simply start with identifying what you don’t want, and then flip those feelings to help you define what it is that you do
  • Focus on the why and the what of your vision, not the how – we need only take the first step for the next to reveal itself
  • If you work in the online space, there is ample opportunity for the “not good enough” feelings to be triggered when you watch what other people are doing. So it’s vital to define success for you, so you can stay connected to your own vision and values on this journey
  • You dot have to travel this road into Your Next Chapter alone, there is always support from other women who are also on this adventure – community is vital. You can even create your own Advisory Board of people you know and trust to help guide you forward when you feel alone
  • The goal or destination is important, but it is the journey where the growth takes place
  • You are likely to find yourself in “the nothing place” – the place when you are between trapezes – you’ll let go of your old identity, but you’ve yet to fully grasp your new one. That’s a very uncomfortable place to be, and the place where your courage to bloom is born

Links and More Information

Brenda has extended a fabulous invitation to all Your Next Chapter Podcast listeners, FREE enrolment in her 7 steps to Unstoppable Confidence e course.

Click on the image to access this course.

Brenda Tsiaousis

Brenda Tsiaousis is an experienced business mentor and leading expert on clarity, confidence, courage, focus and belief – this is also her own personal recipe for success.

Known by her clients as a connector of dreams she enables them to realise their true potential as successful leaders and entrepreneurs. For over 25 years she has walked her own extraordinary successful path in corporate and as a business owner and draws extensively from her own personal experiences, and entrepreneurial faith based journey to inspire, encourage and equip her clients to harness their inner brilliance, turn dreams into reality and build a business from the inside out.

Founder of Courage To Bloom - a transformative series of services and programs energising women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and empowerment, Brenda has a passion for enabling others to "be heard" in the online space. Brenda's gift is her natural ability to portray someone or their brand in a way that connects with others and then inspires them to have the courage to share this with the world

As well as having an extensive business background, Brenda is a Certified Coach and Emotional Intelligence facilitator, published co-author of the Inspiration Bible and Spiritual Awakening. Brenda’s work has been published in various online magazines, podcasts and blogs. Her new book will be released later this year.

Brenda’ s passion personal and professional development creates a space allowing her clients to have the courage to bloom. Her commitment to excellence has resulted in her being nominated for Customer service and chosen as a finalist for Business Excellence in the 2016 St Georges Bank Aus-Mumpreneur Awards.

Brenda consults to organisations, small business and entrepreneurs engaging though coaching, speaking, training and workshops or facilitating longer-term development plans incorporating Emotional Intelligence.

Discover how you can tap into your inner brilliance, harness your “unstoppable force” and take action faster to build a life and a business that works for you with Brenda.

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