Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 51: Angella Johnson – Formulas Are Not the Answer

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 51: Angella Johnson – Formulas Are Not the Answer


Angella Johnson did all the right things in her business. She followed the formula. Took on board the advice. Implemented like crazy. Soared past the coveted six figures and then some… From the outside looking in you’d think everything was fabulous. But feelings of heaviness and obligation were her reality and burn out and dissatisfaction were the results and she knew there had to be another way.

One day Angella asked herself “If I trusted myself, what would I choose here?” And when she truly listened for and opened to her answers – not anyone else’s, the world opened up again.

In one of the most energetic and connected conversations I’ve had on this Podcast, Angella shares her perspective on coaching – “empowering people to find their own truth” and the journey she took from following the formula to trusting herself.

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Show Notes

Turning inwards and listening for your own answers, learning to trust yourself, even when you think you don’t know, rather than assuming someone else knows what’ right for you is an important part of your next chapter expansion into personal fulfilment.

Some thoughts we explore include:

  • Everything is energy and energy is everything – what invigorates you?
  • Ask the questions and then follow what draws you with curiosity and openness
  • Ask yourself “is there a good time to do this?”- that’s the start of an energetic business plan!
  • Try “I wonder….. if/when/how…” and allow your intuition to fill in the gaps
  • Resist pushing all the time. Try surrendering and allowing – you may be surprised at the results
  • Keep trusting – look back on your life, it always works out, even when you can’t imagine how
  • Frameworks help provide guidance, but formulas are so often just too dictatorial – this might be “the way” but is it “your way?”
  • Listen for the prompts – and then act – this builds your trust, confidence and belief muscles
  • Embrace Intuitive Marketing

Links and More Information

Angella Johnson

Frequently referred to as a “marketing genius” by her clients and colleagues and the creator of the Soul Message Archetypes™, Angella Johnson is on a mission to liberate visionary entrepreneurs from the marketing traps they often find themselves in. Too often, brilliant people are on the verge of burnout (or recovering from it) and not making consistent money, only to realize that another formula isn’t going to fix the real problem.

Angella’s unique blend of solid strategy and deep intuition come together in her Intuitive Marketing Method™, which restores self trust and confidence and shows people how to live their vision and create real results.

As an international speaker, coach, and best-selling author, Angella empowers people to be their own guru. After losing $40,000 on her first live event in 2009, then collapsing her business in 2012 because of burnout, she’s forged her own path and built a growing 6-figure global business while taking weeks off at a time and taking most Mondays off.

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