How to create your Ideal Client Profile: Episode 05 with Angela Raspass

Angela Raspass Your Next Chapter Podcast Ep 5 Wholehearted Client Attraction

As a Next Chapter Entrepreneur, you are no doubt looking to blend purpose and prosperity to combine money and meaning and it is absolutely possible.

I wholeheartedly believe that the easiest way to make an abundant living is by doing what you love and that profit is the result of right action, so my business heart and services are wrapped around what I love to create and deliver.

But I am also a realist – whilst I absolutely follow my heart in business, I also make sure my head comes along for the ride. By that I mean I back up my ideas and desire to contribute and enjoy fulfilment in my business with strong marketing strategy.

And the very first step in this journey is understanding who is my MAC – my Most Aligned Client, because I cannot possibly appeal to everyone, I cannot be all things to all people. Recognising, understanding and working to take care of the specific needs of my people is at the core of my Next Chapter Business. And this is the spot where I also experience the highest levels of enjoyment, because it’s when you are in that sweet spot, aligning your skills and passions with the people you are most suited to helping, that you do your best work and it feels easy and graceful.

That’s what I want for you too! And so this episode is all about how to define your own Ideal Client Profile for Your Next Chapter Business – I hope you enjoy it.

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Show Notes

I believe Your Next Chapter business needs to serve you as much as you serve your clients because you will do your best work when you are feeling fulfilled and energised, and that comes far more easily when you are truly connected to the clients you are best equipped to serve and help.

And so some key points I share in this episode are:

  • People will invest with you when they feel understood, not because they understand what you are offering or selling.
  • You cannot be all things to all people – niching is important so that your messaging can be more tailored and your content and services a better fit and of higher value for your most aligned clients.
  • Your background story facilitates this connection – Emma Grey and I explored the value of your story and how to incorporate it into a compelling About page in Episode 2 of this Podcast.
  • Confidence and certainty are VERY client attractive and so owning your value and the value of the solutions and outcome you deliver is very important. I wrote about this in a post with 3 simple and powerful tips for building self-belief that you can read here.
  • You need to highlight the gap between where your most aligned client is now and where they want to be to provide the motivation for them to take action.
  • Getting clear on the TOMPPA of your audience is vital – that is their “Top of mind problem, pain or aspiration”.

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