Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 49: Penney Fox – Sharing Pinterest Secrets

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 49: Penney Fox – Sharing Pinterest Secrets

WEB Episode 49-Penny Fox
WEB Episode 49-Penny Fox

Penney was, in her own words, “terrified” when she left her corporate job, wondering how on earth she would ever be paid again. That’s a familiar feeling for many of us who step out into a whole new world when we leave the security of a weekly paycheck behind.

It wasn’t easy at first, but Penney soon began to realise that trial and error and the courage to say yes to opportunities even when she was not entirely sure she had all the answers were the keys to growth and confidence.

“I was so happy to realise that the things I’d done in my 20’s, 30’s ad 40’s, none of them had been wasted, it’s all connected and every single experience I had has been of value for my business and life today”

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Show Notes

Stepping into Your Next Chapter is a huge learning curve, especially when you are starting a business, and there is no doubt that you have skills to share that others will benefit from. Penney’s area of expertise is Social Media, with a specific emphasis on Pinterest.

  • Always approach Social Media with a strategy and a plan, even at its simplest – no more “post and hope!”
  • What’s the final result you want? People to visit your website? Listen to your Podcast? To opt in for something? Sign up for a program?
  • You are likely to start with a focus on the actions you take when you really should be thinking about the outcomes you’re seeking and reverse engineering those
  • Pinterest is actually a visual search engine, rather different from traditional social media – people on the platform are actively looking for something to buy 70% of the time!
  • It’s hugely popular because we are such visual creatures
  • You can use social media authentically and effectively, combining your natural communication style with the platform that appeals to you and your clients

Links and More Information

Are you spending hours online and not seeing results?
Penney has a step-by-step process to the answer to your questions about how to stop wasting your time on social media.

The Social Biz Builder FREE course will give you simple easy to follow action steps to give you clarity with your social media strategy help you find your focus to stop wasting your time online – and find the right customers who are looking for what you’re selling.

Penney Fox

Penney Fox is a Social Media Productivity Coach. She teaches entrepreneurs practical productivity steps to help grow your social presence to connect with more qualified people who want to buy your services, your products or online coaching programs.

Penney has spent the last 15 years helping entrepreneurs with their marketing strategies.

While others will tell you to sign up for a social media scheduler and give you steps to get a gazillion followers, she gives you easy actionable steps to really grow your business using social media.

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