Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 44: Angela Raspass – Which balls will bounce?

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 44: Angela Raspass – Which balls will bounce?

WEB Episode-44-Angela-Raspass
WEB Episode-44-Angela-Raspass

February is the new January in my world! Or at least that’s the way it has been in 2017… I’ve begun the year a little later than usual and, rather than default to my old patterns of berating myself over what I haven’t done, I’m choosing to embrace what I have and what I will instead. And that means leaning into intuition in 2017 and making some changes.

The beauty of having your own Next Chapter business that is often a personal brand is the fact that you get to design, refine and realign it to fit you. That’s the entrepreneurial freedom that is so often referred too. Not necessarily the “laptop lifestyle” where you get to work from anywhere in the world, but the simple ease and joy of making the choices that light you up and serve your clients and community too.

And so, after a lengthy “time out” over Christmas and new year, prioritising my family and the changes that are happening in our dynamic, I’m delighted to be back to Podcasting and anticipating a wonderful year ahead! I’m sharing some of the upcoming changes within the Next Chapter Community in this weeks episode as well as some shared wisdom about glass and rubber balls…

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Show Notes

  • Your Support Circle is vital for giving you feedback, often helping you to see the spot you are standing on when you can’t
  • Sharing the direction you are taking your business with your community is important so they can decide if you’re still a good fit for each other and, it’s ok to change!
  • The Podcast will have a revised format this year, alternating stories of Next Chapter journeys from women just like you, with monthly chats with my own Mindset Coach as we tackle the gremlins and misbeliefs that can hold us back from stepping into something new and reviews of my favourite books and their authors.
  • What responsibilities, tasks and goals are glass balls and which are rubber balls? By this I mean which are precious and high priorities for you that deserve and need your focus now, and which can feasibly be dropped for a wee while, because they can and will, bounce back later?
  • What role does Self-Care play in your day, your week, your life? I hugely, hugely recommend that you take time to focus on how you’ll support yourself throughout the year. One of my wonderful clients has written a great blog post about this topic and provides a beautiful self-care assessment, plan and checklist that you can read and download here 

Links and More Information

The Your Next Chapter Community, my closed Facebook Group, has recently been realigned to fit with my original intention for this community – spontaneous, wholehearted support, collaboration, celebration and encouragement and I’d love to welcome you to the space – you can request to join right here

I look forward to meeting you there!

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