Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 41: Tara Mohr – Permission for Playing Big

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 41: Tara Mohr – Permission for Playing Big


Tara Mohr’s own Next Chapter began at the intersection of frustration and hope. Frustration that so many brilliant women could not see their own brilliance and were holding back from sharing their gifts with the world and the pain she could see that caused them, and hope that, when shown a way to change things, that more women would then step up and become the wise and compassionate leaders we are so capable of.

That’s when her model of Playing Big was born, forged from hundreds of conversations, thousands of coaching hours and her own personal experience in Corporate America where a woman’s voice was not always heard.

In this wholehearted conversation Tara and I explore some of the key themes in her book of the same name and explore many ways in which you can connect with your own Inner Mentor to follow your callings, sidestep the perfectionism that can see you “designing at the whiteboard” for far too long, embrace feedback and let go of the pressure of creating success.

An inspiring conversation with an inspirational woman, Tara encourages us all to Play Big on our terms, and to step into a future that expresses and leverages our often hidden potential.

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Show Notes

  • Everyone has self-doubt – that’s ok! You DON’T have to be confident to get started on your journey, you just need to start.
  • It is a myth that we’re only here with one true purpose and it’s your job to find it. The truth is you are likely to have many callings during your lifetime and these callings may be in any domain of your life – career, family, community or a deeply personal desire for self-development
  • Your Inner Critic will always have something to say, always – it’s not possible or even desirable to try and push her down or silence her. Just don’t allow her to be in charge of you and your life – you get to be the grown up!
  • You also have access to a deeper, wiser part of you, Your Inner Mentor, who has the voce of wisdom, clarity , peace and loving compassion. Tune in to her instead – but be aware, she is much quieter than your Critic and you need space to hear her.
  • Recalibrate your perspective on Feedback – it can only tell you about the person who is giving it and their preferences, it cannot tell you much about you.
  • Perhaps you need to take a leap forward– that’s a bold action that can be completed in 2 weeks.

Links and More Information

Tara has a special Holiday Season offer for her Playing Big book, as it’s such a popular gift for women to give to other women.

If you order 3 or more copies, they will be personally autographed my Tara and you’ll also receive beautiful bookplates to pop into the inside cover to embellish your gift.

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Tara Mohr

Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She helps women play bigger in sharing their voices and bringing forward their ideas in work and in life.

Tara is the author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead, named a best book of the year by Apple’s iBooks and now in paperback.

In the book, she shares her pioneering model for making the journey from playing small – being held back by fear and self-doubt – to playing big, taking bold action to pursue what you see as your callings.

Tara is the creator of the Playing Big leadership program for women, which now has more than 1200 graduates from around the world, and creator of the global Playing Big Facilitators Training for coaches, therapists, leadership development professionals and other practitioners supporting women in their personal and professional growth.

A Coaches Training Institute-certified coach with an MBA from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale, Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work and practical skills training.

Her work has been featured on national media from the New York Times to Today Show to Harvard Business Review, and has captivated women from all walks of life including Maria Shriver, Jillian Michaels and Elizabeth Gilbert.

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