Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 40: Linda Chaousis – Tuning into your Intuition


Linda is a classic example of a woman who has evolved with curiosity and grace into her Next Chapter.

It might initially be difficult to imagine someone with a background in “hard core strategic planning and consulting”, to use her words, transitioning into teaching, coaching and mentoring around the Law of Attraction, but Linda confidently shows us that anything is possible when you tune into your intuition and take baby steps in the direction that is calling you.

In this wholehearted conversation we explore key learning’s and insights from Linda’s own journey and discuss some of the ways in which you can tune into your own energy and awareness so you can begin to move in a new direction that’s right for you.

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Show Notes

  • What excites you? Be curious and aware as when this emotion is piqued, that’s a definite clue as to the direction you should be heading in
  • Start from where you are with what you have and listen to the inner whispers and nudges
  • Your Next Chapter is likely to utilise many of your current skills – it’s often an evolution rather than a revolution
  • We are all energetic beings so we need to watch our thoughts as negative thoughts can attract negative experiences
  • Notice what emotions you are feeling and ask yourself, “why am I feeling this”? When you become aware of the causes, you can change the patterns
  • Try the Contrasts exercise – asking yourself, “what would I prefer to experience and feel” is a powerfully simple first step towards change
  • Gratitude plays a key role in designing the life you desire – focus on the everyday things you are grateful for and you unlock the power of positive energy

About the speaker

Linda’s passion is to help people build their capacity to create their own success - however they define it. For several years, she ran a successful boutique management consultancy.

She currently teaches at a top ranked graduate school and has authored several books, magazine articles and multi-media resources-with more to come!

In the past 12 months, Linda has transitioned her business focus to coaching, speaking and developing resources that help people apply the Law of Attraction to create joy, confidence, fun and success in their life and business.

Informed by science and inspired by her own experience, Linda has helped many others turn their life and business dreams into reality.

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