Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 04: Maria Davis – The Dream, Believe, Achieve Secrets

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 04: Maria Davis – The Dream, Believe, Achieve Secrets

Next Chapter Podcast with Maria Davis
Next Chapter Podcast with Maria Davis

Maria Davis is simply amazing in my eyes. I first connected with her at a conference in Bali and was captivated by her warmth and open heart – she is the epitome of a healer.

As I got to know Maria more, I discovered that she had an approach to business and life that is both inspiring and empowering. It’s a concept of embodying success with three core steps – Dream, Believe, Achieve, and combines with a powerful tool – your own Permission Statement.

This approach has seen Maria build a wholeheartedly fulfilling business AND take the consistent action that saw her complete the New York Marathon in 2015.

I know how much you’ll love hearing from this lovely lady!

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Show Notes

Your dream is just that, YOURS – it has not been given to anyone else, so don’t be surprised or discouraged if people around you don’t necessarily share your enthusiasm or vision.

  • Follow the nudges, that’s your heart calling you
  • Your example can be an inspiration to others
  • Get out of your head! Feel into what you want to create and be, do or have
  • Just break it down into small steps, when you do, anything is possible

Links and More Information

Maria has provided a Permission Statement Template for you to use to commit to embodying the success of your own endeavours. Click on the image below to opt in and download this resource.

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Maria is also a guest presenter at Your Next Chapter Business LIVE, my 2 day event that’s taking place again in Sydney on March 8th and 9th where she will be sharing at a much deeper level the steps involved in bringing your own Business dream to life.

Earlybird Tickets are on sale now for this extraordinary event!

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Maria Davis

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor has been described by her colleagues and clients alike as a wise and passionate woman who supports generational change agents so we leave a ripple in the world. Her passion is to teach women across the globe about energy and guiding these same women to their grace.

Maria discovered that all her challenges were a manifestation of her thought processes. With this experience and insight, she embodied (not only intellectually) but a cellular embodiment that life is simple. There is only love. Love heals all.

She supports women to step into their own unique spiritual practices that light their soul back to remembering who they are, what their soul calling is and how to stay in a place of love. Love for self is the most important ingredient to conscious prosperity.

Maria's unique signature experiences Spiritual Mentoring Program "Lightness to Enlightenment" and "Energetic Boundaries". She facilitates Spiritual Circles, offers transformational workshops and retreats. Healing is within. All these offers facilitate awakenings, insights and transcendence to prompt women to remember all that they signed up to be. Soul evolution.

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