Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 38: Karen Gunton – Let your Mission be your Message

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 38: Karen Gunton – Let your Mission be your Message


Karen Gunton is in her element right now, helping women to “build their lighthouses, and to shine their unique light brightly into the world”. Originally a teacher by trade, Karen has evolved over the years, changing not only professions, but countries, moving from Canada to Adelaide in South Australia. “When as I look backwards at the road so far and it gives me ideas about where I need to go next, but I often say that I accidentally started a business!. We can’t see everything that coming next, so we do need to accept it’s an evolution, a spiral, rather than a straight line”.

Karen and I talk about working on purpose, the inner work we all need to do, how to keep yourself buoyant and the absolute importance of having a mission rather than “just selling a thing”.

Don’t just build a business, build a Lighthouse instead. If you have a desire to contribute, to give back and make a difference on a large or small scale wit your unique skills and experience, you will love this conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Your Mission will evolve, and it needs to be at the core of the message you share with the world – this is what people connect to and care about, why you do what you do
  • Look at what people are doing that brings up envy in you – that’s a probable sign that there is something there you want and need to look at bringing into your life and business in some way
  • Don’t listen to the voice inside that says “that’s not for me” – that is likely just fear, take a closer look, with curiosity instead
  • Self-doubt is a part of the journey – you’re on the inside of your own Lighthouse and that means you can’t see how brightly your light shines for others
  • Not everything you do will work! And you will feel down… but its your job to pick yourself back up and learn from what happened – it’s feedback and room for improvement, never failure

Links and More Information

Karen has recently self-published her first book, The Lighthouse Revolution where she shares the lessons of the six components of the lighthouse, alo
ng with practical tools and strategies, real life examples and stories, and wonderfully inspiring ideas.

It’s available to purchase on Kindle here



Karen Gunton

Karen Gunton is an inspirational author, speaker, and teacher... and a badass rule-breaker who never uses capitals. she is on a mission to encourage others to be the highest, brightest version of themselves... which is why she started the lighthouse revolution.

Karen is also a light igniter and mindset builder for women in business, helping them to find their purpose, get unstuck, and shine their light in the world.

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