Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 37: Erin Elizabeth Wells – How to take charge of your business and life

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 37: Erin Elizabeth Wells – How to take charge of your business and life


When you first meet Erin, the thing that you notice almost instantly is her certainty, an air of confidence and focus that is overlaid with a deeply generous soul – she really wants you to have a life that feels expansive, satisfying and easeful and is eager to share her experiences and insights to help you along that path.

Her energy is contagious and inspiring and this is one of THE most enjoyable interviews I’ve had the pleasure of hosting on this Podcast.

But, like most of us, the path to this place was not linear and was not without its challenges and as Erin points out, she is still “very much on the growth journey”. She, like me, sees this Next Chapter as an evolution, not a revolution.

An entrepreneur straight out of college. Erin has an organisers heart, establishing “Living Peace” a professional organizing business in Massachusetts when she was just 23. She grew Living Peace into a significant and successful entity before an intense project had her burn out, hit a wall and experience a breakthrough…

She recognised that time and space management was just a small part of the puzzle – energy management was the biggest piece. Erin begun to question how you change patterns, shift your thinking, reclaim your power and agency over your domain. When she found that power, everything began to move as she consciously chose to create a new business and life.

One of Erin’s favourite quotes is:

“Between stimulus & response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”. Victor Frankel

Change begins with self-awareness and the understanding that when you pause and really become aware of what’s going n for you, what’s acceptable, what’s not, what you can change and what you need to let go of, the field of possibility bursts wide open. Once you reach that place you can then turn your attention to transforming the age old feelings of both “busy” and “stuckness” into powerful, intentional results.

Are you ready to blend emotional and practical action? This conversation is the catalyst you’ve been waiting for…

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Show Notes

  • Language has such power – to elicit change you can simply start with saying “I used to do (this) but now I do (this) or I choose to do (this) instead
  • A great purpose question to ask yourself is “why is this important to me” to help you clarify choices and priorities
  • It’s not about doing more – that’s a sure path to burnout. Instead, it’s about making sure the right things for you are done consistently
  • Feminine energy has been missing from the conversation for too long – we can harness its power for getting things done, in a supportive, sustainable gentle and effective way
  • Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to fall apart… and then to ask for help. There’s no need to be a Type A all the time!
  • Let go of the belief that you need to get everything done on our list every day – lists are just tools. It’s your priorities that really matter.

Links and More Information

One of Erin’s invaluable client tools is her “Start Your Master List” resource, a simple and powerful guide for task management, getting you focused, balanced and deliciously productive in all areas of business and life. It’s a game changer! You can download it through the link below.


Erin has also recently published her first book, Inspired Action, Create More Purpose, Productivity, & Peace in Your Life

In this illuminating title, she asserts that it’s time to STOP just being busy, and start living with greater intention each day and outlines the strategies to improve your “life balance,” to get more organized, and to get a handle on your to- dos effectively.

Inspired Action provides fifty bite sized chapters each with actionable steps to connect you with greater meaning and purpose and to develop the productivity systems to put your purpose into action each day.

It’s available to purchase on Kindle and as a paperback here

Erin Elizabeth Wells

Erin Elizabeth Wells is The Intentionality Expert, Productivity Strategist and founder of Chosen Course, a professional productivity consulting and training firm.

Erin helps high achievers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and influencers to improve their productivity, focus, and effectiveness in their work and daily life.

She is the author of Inspired Action: Create More Purpose, Productivity, & Peace in Your Life. Erin is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), and a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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