Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 36: Angela Raspass – Wholehearted Sales Success

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 36: Angela Raspass – Wholehearted Sales Success


If you are in business, you are in sales and that fact can be decidedly intimidating for many women. In this episode I briefly cover 6 steps that can help take you from uncertainty and nervousness to clarity and confidence, into the world of Wholehearted Sales Conversations!

Why is it that sales can be so tricky for us? I believe there are a few key reasons… Sometimes it’s because we entwine our self-worth with the service we provide and that can tie us up in knots when we need to “sell ourselves”.  Sometimes it’s because we’re not talking to the right people, our most aligned clients, and there is simply not a match between what is needed and what we can offer.

Sometimes it’s because we lack a clear structure to guide us through a conversation and so we end up giving so much great advice on the call that there is then no motivation for our client to take the next action, because they’re full! And sometimes it’s because we’re not coming to the call as an Advocate for our potential clients greatest good and are too invested in a certain outcome, and that energy hijacks the conversation.


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Show Notes

Wholehearted Sales Success is a blend of clarity, confidence, strategy and structure, elegant matchmaking between the solutions you provide and the needs of your audience.

This episode is also an invitation to dive more deeply into developing this skill so that you can grow your business by connecting with and serving more of the people you are here to serve by joining me for a live Virtual Workshop on October 12th .

You can read more about this limited opportunity to work with me personally here.

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Feedback about the Wholehearted Sales Approach:

“One of the most valuable skills I’ve gained confidence in is sales conversations thanks to Angela.

I always found talking to potential clients on the phone easy however I wasn’t getting sales. I learnt through Angela that I was treating the conversation like I would a chat with a friend. I gave out so much free information and advice on the call that people didn’t need to invest further with me. I also had this belief that I didn’t want to be hassling people and be known as a sales person.

Through learning a system to work through with clients I have gained both new confidence and made sales!”


Sharleen Greer | Midlife Courage Coach

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