Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 35: Rebecca Flansberg – The Frantic Mommy’s Wake Up Moment


Rebecca Flansberg was in the Office products industry for 30 years, working for two different companies from a pretty young age. It was a good career, solid and dependable. But she was beginning to feel not only stuck and dissatisfied, but also powerless, trapped by the belief that these were the only skills that she had. The Golden Handcuffs of a well-paid job where she was the major breadwinner for her family, were firmly in place.

Until one day a window opened.

Becky attended a conference where a new possibility opened for her. There was a moment when she saw the skills she did have could be repurposed, when she heard about a blossoming new industry – being a VA, an Online Virtual Assistant.

“I realised that whatever knowledge you have in your brain, whatever experience you have in your life, there is someone in the world willing to pay you for that! Just start by making a list of everything you know and then begin to focus in on the ideas that light you up. I decided to combine my love of blogging and social media and today, I have a thriving business I run from home”.

Rebecca shares a tonne of strategies, tactics, resources, advice and insights in this deep, wide wholehearted conversation from the need to never stop prospecting and learning to developing multiple streams of income and sparring with your Inner Critic.

If you’ve ever felt the desire to step out of what you are doing now and into something new, but are not sure you “have what it takes”, this conversation would be just the catalyst of possibility that you need!


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Show Notes

  • Time and experience bring wisdom – you know more than you think
  • The YOU Factor is what stands you apart – if you feel “everything else is already doing xyz” you’re right, there are plenty of people, that’s what makes a viable industry, but not one of them can bring your flavour, flair and perspective to the table.
  • Just pick one or two social media platforms to focus on – don’t try and spread yourself too thinly
  • A graceful exit from your current role is recommended – don’t jump without a net or you’ll add extra, unnecessary stress to yourself
  • It all starts with making a decision – that you’ll make your own path in life now
  • At the start, none of us know how to package or market ourselves – but we can all learn

About the speaker

Rebecca Flansburg is a freelance writer and blogger living in Northern Minnesota. As a virtual assistant and freelance writer, Rebecca's job is to, "work behind the scenes to help people and businesses shine."

Her skillsets include writing, blogging, social media management, project management, content creation and creating effective and personable bios and About Pages for her clients.

Rebecca is also a veteran blogger and an experienced magazine article writer and is the Cover Girl and Spotlight writer for HERLIFE Magazine (Central Valley, CA) along with several online and local magazines.

She is also the Project Manager for the non-profit children’s literacy initiative, Multicultural Children’s Book Day.


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