Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 34: Micaela Becattini – Graceful transitions through adversity

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 34: Micaela Becattini – Graceful transitions through adversity


Micaela Becattini is, in her own words “devoted to growth and evolution”, especially in the midst of significant challenge, something that she has rather a lot of first hand experience with!

In 2004 Micaela moved to Australia from Italy and found moving countries to be an intense and challenging, especially the adaptation to a new culture and a new language. This Next Chapter in her life was disorientating, and she was concerned that she had bitten off a bit much as she struggled to find her feet, make new friends, and in fact, redefine her own identity..

Shortly afterwards the challenges increased when she developed Crohns Disease, an immune disease that is invisible, but debilitating and this further reinforced her sense of social isolation.

But Micaela is a fighter! She shook off “my victim mentality”, let go of the feeling of shame and embarrassment and started a support group in her area for others. And that was just the beginning of her own graceful transition, as she embraced her personal power.

Today, Micaela is a Life Transitions Coach. She works with women who are underdoing their own transformations, stepping them through her unique process of change, helping them to face their fears and take the baby steps of courage that will open up a whole new life.

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Show Notes

  • Resilience is simply being open to accepting your own life story
  • We need people around us on this journey into our next chapters – isolation is a dream killer
  • Understanding and befriending our emotions, demystifying them, naming them learning to express them is essential. There is a wonderful list of emotions from the work of Byron Katie that you can access here
  • No transition is possible without letting go of what was so you can welcome what may be
  • Become aware of your fears, write them down and then consider possible solutions – they lose their power when they are on paper in front of you

Links and More Information

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Micaelas’ book is now available for purchase form her website.

Graceful Transitions was written to ensure that you navigate these transitions smoothly and successfully, without feeling like a “victim” of your circumstance. It aims to give you a different perspective of transitions and their purpose, so you can use the experience for your own growth and improvement.

Graceful Transitions will help you too:

  • Discover logical and illogical causes of any resistance, apprehension or defensiveness
  • Deal with the intangible emotional roller coaster
  • Make yourself accountable to implement actions
  • Become more spontaneous, imaginative and creative
  • Access unique tools that empower you
  • Find the strength to regain the spark in your personal and in your professional life
  • Take the first steps towards new opportunities, and
  • Respond to your needs during the changing process.

>> Click here to purchase

Micaele Becatinni

With an International Career and first-hand experience of intense life changes, Dr. Micaela Becattini is an Igniter for solutions, “victim-free” attitude, self-expression and courage for people, who are undergoing life-transitions, change and life adversities.

Through her knowledge, practical guidance and experience, she provides her clients the tools to find new understandings and pathways through change and transformation.

Micaela serves her purpose of cultivating self-believe and strength in people by offering engaging and creative tools and workshops for finding the light in the midst of struggle in life.

Micaela passionately believes that harnessing the courage to reveal yourself enables people to get out of boxed mentality and live a life, which is true to who they are.

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