Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 31: Christine Weston – The Business of Divorce


In 2008 Christine Weston was lost and flummoxed. She hadn’t anticipated experiencing divorce and was not sure of what she was going to do next – she had been out of the workforce for fifteen years as she focused on her role as a Mother.

“I needed to create an income, but fear and a lack of confidence were my biggest challenges and I became painfully aware that for women, there is equally a cost in not having gone to work as having gone to work during our Mothering years”.

Christine drew on deep reserves of courage and her experiences in moving between 3 countries and became a relocation consultant – “but I did not like being at the beck and call of someone else, not making enough money to really make ends meet and having no time at all for my kids”.

Something had to change.

Christine started down the path of personal development and as she attended workshops and mixed with new people, she began to rediscover the confident person that she used to be. “I worked out what I wanted my new life to look like and worked backwards from there”.

Like so many Next Chapter Business Women, it was Christine’s painful experiences that opened the door to a new possibility – she realised that her knowledge of divorce and the time she had spent helping simplify the ins and outs of the process for others could be channeled into a compassionate business idea. “Divorce Resource” and The Split Kit was born and now skilfully guides people through the first steps into this new world.

In this compelling wholehearted conversation we dive into the roller-coaster of emotions involved in forging a new life, a new self-image and a new business and all of the stretching and growth that is a part of this journey. I know you’ll find it, and Christine, inspiring!

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Show Notes

  • Life rewards action
  • So many people feel broken by divorce – ask yourself, who were you before the marriage? Reconnect to that essence of you that’s still very much there
  • You often undervalue your experience and how much it can help others – self-appreciation is the first step
  • People are hungry for connection and empathy – when you talk about your experiences it gives others permission to do the same
  • When starting your business, don’t make the mistake of trying to do everything yourself or learn everything at once! Perfectionism can be your undoing!

About the speaker

Christine is not adverse to changing the course of her life and reinventing herself. At 25 she left Australia and a successful career in IT to travel the world and work in London. Her backpack travels over several years took her through parts of Asia, Europe and East Africa. On her return to the UK and working in the investment banks in London, she met a charismatic NZer. They married soon after and promptly moved to South Africa. Within 10 months, their first son was born, followed 20 months later by another.

As the children grew, and in the absence of a work visa, Christine studied professional photography and subsequently ran a small photography company. With the introduction of digital photography it was time for another change and she packed up her tripod and began to write book reviews and feature articles for various South African publications.

After 12 years in Johannesburg, her then husband was transferred and the family moved back to UK. Several months after that move, her marriage ended and she was faced with the daunting prospect of dissolving the relationship, negotiating property issues which spanned several countries and of course deciding the delicate issue of where they would all live.

Where the children would live in relation to both of their parents was without a doubt the most difficult decision she has ever had to face. She readily admits that mistakes were made and too much money and bad energy was spent in the process. In the end, she returned home to Perth, Western Australia, in time for the boys to start high school. Their father remained some time commuting between UK and South Africa, returning permanently to Johannesburg in South Africa several years later.

Eight years on and in light of her own experiences, Christine Weston is passionate about helping others avoid expensive mistakes, reduce opportunities for conflict and minimise the professional fees and legal costs when it comes to separating.

Christine Weston turned 50 and became an empty-nester this year. Whilst many women would be nervous about either one of those milestones, she embraces the new chapter in her life. She is extraordinarily grateful for the opportunities her life has presented so far and she is excited about unveiling the Divorce Resource website, publishing her first book and launching The Split Kit.

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