Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 03: Angela Raspass – Powerful Self Belief

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There are hundreds of wholehearted women in my Next Chapter Community who have so much experience and wisdom to share… and yet they hold back, unsure of their value.

Is that you too? Do you doubt what you are capable of? Is there a wee voice inside who is telling you that you’re not enough, that you don’t know enough, that other people are already doing what you want to do, better. That you’ve left it too late, that your dream is too big…. You;re not alone in these misbeliefs – a stunning 90% of the women I asked what’s holding you back from creating the success you desire?  answered “I am. It’s me”.

I’d like to change that. I’d like you to help you heighten your self-awareness, make peace with your Inner Critic and claim your personal power and in this episode I share some simple and very doable actions to develop powerful self-belief.

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Show Notes

The key to developing powerful self-belief is self-awareness, pausing and naming what you are feeling and understanding that you have the power to change those thoughts if they do not serve you!

  • Your Inner Critic has your best interests at heart – she wants to protect you and so you can celebrate when she does appear as it means you are stretching, stepping out of your comfort zone. She doesn’t show up when you are playing small and safe.
  • Take note of what she says – it is bound to be repetitive and recycled and when you dial up your awareness of this fact, you start to recognise that it is her, and not you, who is talking
  • Belief Buddies are a vital part of the entrepreneurial journey – they keep you buoyant when the going gets tough

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