Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 29: Maya Broers – Taking Action on Opportunity

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 29: Maya Broers – Taking Action on Opportunity


Maya had an energetic career in film and TV casting and as a professional singer in New York and Asia before stepping into fulltime motherhood. After almost 8 years in this life role, she realised that she was ready for more again and wanted a business she could build and manage from home. She didn’t know what that was going to be and so she “put it out to the Universe” and began the research journey into options.

The beauty of an open mind and heart is such that “when the entrepreneur is ready the opportunity appears”. An opportunity did tap on her door and it ticked the boxes of being something she was passionate about and really believed in and Maya soon found herself as the exclusive Australian Representative for Fuelboxes – an intriguing and important product that brings heart to heart and face to face conversations back to centre stage in an increasingly technology driven and disconnected world.

Now that the business opportunity was here, the adventure began – there was so much to learn in the online and marketing worlds to get the message and the products into the hands of those who need them!

This is a confidence building conversation – if you feel you have lost a little of your mojo, you’ll be so glad you listened in.

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Show Notes

  • You don’t need to be creative able able to “make things” to build a viable at home business
  • Whatever idea you do settle on, you need to be so much in love with it that you simply have to do it
  • Develop confidence by taking action – Maya did not know the marketing and business world, but was determined to learn
  • Identify your own gaps and ask for help to close them
  • If fear creeps up, ask yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” and see that you can indeed, live with the answer
  • Cultivate patience – take one step at a time, things can take awhile to happen, for momentum to build
  • You may have lost your mojo, but when you continue to take action and push through the blocks, your confidence builds and it becomes easier and easier

Links and More Information

Maya has provided a 10% discount code for you to invest in a FuelBox Kit. Just visit the website and use Next Chapter at Checkout.

Click on the image below to select FuelBox.


Maya Broers

Maya lives in Sydney, Australia with her two children Pernille and Ibsen and her Norwegian Husband. Maya has worked in the Film and Television industry both in Casting and as an Acting agent for many years.

Now Maya's focus is growing FuelBox in Australia and helping Fuel the world with great conversations.

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