Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 28: Maria Allyn – Become your own SheRo


Maria Allyn was feeling the impact of menopause significantly. It felt like a reckoning of sorts where a cloud descended for some time both physically and emotionally. She realized the roles she had been playing throughout her life, the roles of wife and mother and employee had buried her authentic self and that is was time to take the steps to reclaim who she was.

Midlife was triggering this evaluation, and what do you do when the life you’ve been living is not the life you want? You re-imagine your possibilities and become your own SheRo of course!

“There was something internal that was begging to be heard”, says Maria “and so I had to disconnect, get quiet and reacquaint myself with me”. It was time for a whole new set of beliefs about what was important and what was possible.

For Maria this included leveraging her past experiences, upskilling in coaching and creating a business that helps other women step into this new phase of life with clarity, courage and conviction – Midlife mastery was born.

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Show Notes

  • We all have a gift we are meant to nurture people with – commit to finding yours
  • We cannot claim ourselves unless we make our happiness a priority
  • What makes you curious and interested? Tune into this “butterfly feeling” in your belly and follow it
  • We all need a tribe and connection and support, especially in Midlife
  • It takes courage to challenge and change the generational structure we have inherited about what Midlife means and looks like – let go of what does not fit you – it’s not your reality!
  • Your authentic self is there…. She never left. She’s just been buried and you can unearth her again, now.

About the speaker

Maria is a proud Air Force brat who attended high school in Germany while traveling extensively through Europe with her family. She credits that priceless education for enhancing her innate ability to connect soul to soul. After high school, she studied fashion marketing at The American College in London, England.

After returning to the United States, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Communications and later her teaching certificate. At the age of 46, she obtained her Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa.

She is married and the mother of three feisty girls. She feels that coaching midlife women is her calling and is grateful for the ability to do it as a profession. She is known for successfully working with midlife woman who are struggling during this life stage and partnering with them to build a life filled with fireworks and magic.

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