Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 25: Sonja Keller – The Benefits of Mastering Mindfulness

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 25: Sonja Keller – The Benefits of Mastering Mindfulness


“Mindfulness is like turning a light on in a dark room. Once you have, it makes a lot of other things possible”. That’s a quote from Dr Craig Hased that Sonja Keller shares with us in this weeks wholehearted conversation and as we dug down into this simple but powerful concept, I began to more deeply appreciate the impact the practice of Mindfulness can have on all aspects of our business and life.

Sonja has, in her own words, lived a few lifetimes in her career and personal life – chapters galore! She has been a professional violinist, a Music Teacher, worked within the Juvenile Justice System, in Mental Health and Child Protection Services. Her demanding roles saw her seek to understand how to better work with people who were in distressing situations.  This led to the discovery of Mindfulness and when she saw the way it helped people become calmer, more resilient and to handle stress much more easily, Sonja was delighted and hooked. She credits the practice with allowing her stay in Child Protection for 10 years when the usual service length is just two.

Sonya now teaches Mindful Living to individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations through her Next Chapter business. In this Episode we explore how to bring Mindfulness into your life, weaving it into your everyday life with ease so you can enjoy the benefits – which are many!

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Show Notes

  • Mindfulness is a definite form of self-care
  • It’s not about emptying your mind, rather it is about acknowledgment and acceptance
  • Mindfulness can reduce anxiety, perfectionism and stress
  • It can be practiced formally through meditation and informally through simple awareness
  • Mindfulness allows you to make better business decisions by understanding your motivations better and connecting to your why
  • There is no “right way” to practice – you can create and tailor an approach that fits you

Links and More Information

Sonya mentions several resources in or conversation and here are some links to explore

Jon Kabat Zinn – Mindfulness in everyday life

Susan Albers – Eat, Drink and be Mindful

Stephen Haze – get out of your head and into your life

Sonja has also provided a resource a “How Stressed are You” tracker so you can recognise what situations are causing angst in your life and introduce a Mindfulness Practice to work through them.

Click on the link below to download this free resource.



Sonja Keller

Sonja is a qualified Social Worker/Educator and Therapist with over 20 years professional and personal experience.

It has been her dream to create an online website for people like yourself who want to increase health happiness and abundance in life through the power of Mindfulness.

You can work with Sonja to become healthy, happy and whole again, to Let go of the ties that bind and be transformed from the inside out!

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