Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 24: Liz Scully – Why are Masterminds so powerful?

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 24: Liz Scully – Why are Masterminds so powerful?


When Liz Scully was working long and frantic hours juggling teams of up to 200 people producing special effects for Hollywood films she was absolutely in her zone of genius. An Emmy and several Oscar nominations for her work aptly illustrated that fact. But since she was building her own “escape tunnel” on the side, “Rethink Retreats” that were designed to “help people lead less stressful lives”, it was not too surprising to see a Next Chapter looming on the Horizon.

Fast forward to 2016 and Liz is the Founder of Rethink Central, the home of Masterminds, where she specialises in matchmaking small groups of people who “meet regularly and set goals to achieve by the time you next meet”. A simple definition for one of the most powerful and positive business tools you’ll ever experience, Masterminds have the ability to change you and your business in ways that may surprise you.

A classic example of taking the unique skills and experiences you’ve developed in your first chapters and reforming them into a Next Chapter Business that fits you like a glove, fulfills you, makes a difference for others and generates an abundant living, Liz’s energy and expertise will be a catalyst for your own leap forward.

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Show Notes

In addition to hearing how Liz recognised the signs and made the shift in her career and business, you will also learn how to make the most out of both joining and running Masterminds.

Key Insights from our wholehearted conversation include:

When joining a Mastermind

  • Be fully involved in your group – really get to know your masterminders and their businesses
  • Have very clear goals to achieve over the arc of the mastermind – define where you want to be in the time frame and work backwards from there
  • Make sure you join a group where the members are all on a similar path and level of business for synergy

If you’re going to host a Mastermind

  • Ensure you have a strong desire to help people and are able to make that point clearly – what’s the purpose of this group?
  • Choose the right people – this is crucial! Ensure their business goals and aims and the speed at which they are working towards these goals match
  • Your meeting facilitation skills are vital – time keeping and body language are starters and watch for “goal smuggling”

Links and More Information

Liz has provided an invaluable resource “the 10 most common mistakes when running a mastermind” – rich with insights gained at the coalface that will go a long way towards ensuring the success of your own Mastermind.

Click on the link below to download this free resource.


Liz Scully

Emmy award winning Liz Scully runs Mastermind teams that are ridiculously fun and highly effective. In the Masterminds she puts together for herself and other big name coaches - such as Jonathan Fields from the Good Life Project, Tim Brownson, Kathy Caprino and Julia Pimsleur - you’re focused and not derailed by the million things screaming for your attention. Bringing skills from film, she creates supportive teams of brilliant minds that achieve much more together than alone.

She’s been featured in The Globe & Mail, Thought Leaders LLC, Body Enlightenment, TimeOut London, and apart from the Emmy, her work is multi Oscar nominated.

When she’s not running Mastermind groups to help entrepreneurs earn more by working less, you can find her booking her next trip, picking out which beach would be cool to live on next year and attempting to prove that there really are no calories when food is eaten from another’s plate.

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