Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 22: Caroline Wood – My Business Evolution


When Caroline first left school she did what any of us did – under the caring guidance of her parents, she succumbed to the pressure of pursuing a career that offered safety and a “good income”. This traditional pathway that many of us know so well worked for awhile…. Until that slow sense of recognition of the truth kicked in – “I’m just not happy doing what I’m doing”.

Something had to change.

After working with a Career Coach, Caroline reconnected to her values, accepted that the Corporate World just wasn’t a great fit anymore, realised that she has something of real value to offer, took a deep breath…. and created a new path for herself, one that connected all the dots of her life and experiences up until then and blended them together in a business that now fills her up from the inside.

Accounting and business prowess, a love of food, a desire to build community and natural creativity – these have been the foundations blocks on which Caroline has built “The Ingredients of Business”, an enterprise devoted to helping other entrepreneurs create flourishing food businesses.

As a self-confessed introvert, there were many challenges that Caroline faced, and still faces, on this entrepreneurial adventure and her quietly courageous and confident approach is an inspiration to all of us who wish to tread a new path in our Next Chapters.

And inspiration aside, Caroline is such a whizz with simplifying the numbers of business and the resources she provided us with in this episode are hugely helpful!

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Show Notes

Key Insights from our wholehearted conversation include:

  • Developing a financial buffer to sustain you between your previous and next chapters can remove a lot of the tension and stress of stepping into an uncertain future
  • Due diligence – actually getting on the phone and talking with potential clients about what they most need, the problems that they are most keen to solve before developing your products and services is invaluable
  • Spending time in Facebook Groups and connecting with like-minded people is a significant boost to your sense of community (and you can join the Your Next Chapter Facebook Group here).

About the speaker

After seeing many aspiring business owners give up on their dreams before even getting started, Caroline Wood, a well-respected food blogger (at and accountant, created The Ingredients of Business to simplify the start up process and share the necessary ingredients to produce both a delicious product and a tasty turnover.

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