Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 21: Tammy Roth – Getting Real About Your Past

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 21: Tammy Roth – Getting Real About Your Past


“My intention is to live a vibrant life with curiosity”.

Tammy Roth is a courageous woman, a woman who understands the value of learning from your past. At five years sober, “cruising along and enjoying being substance free”, Tammy was an author,a Retreat Leader and the Clinical Director of a women’s recovery centre. Life was looking good.

But self-awareness is a gradual journey and she eventually had her “head falling out of her ass” moment – a sense that, as much as she had wanted to see her childhood as “normal”, she needed to address the reality of the things that didn’t happen and their impact. The truth was that as much as she cringed at wounded child phraseology, she needed to explore this part of her own story, acknowledge that what had happened was not ideal. Fiercely rejecting a victim label, Tammy chose more empowering language, to see herself as a survivor and to embrace that everything happens for a reason and that growth is the result.

This is an open-hearted, vulnerable and powerful conversation about conscious choices, letting go of perfectionism, families, reckonings, soothing our inner chaos and a thousand new beginnings.

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Show Notes

Tammy's journey of recovery, first outlined in her book “High Bottom, Letting go of Vodka and Chardonnay”, continued. Tammy could see that the way she had lived her life, even her sober life, up until now, was no longer working for her.

It was time for a new perspective and “New Bottom, Turning the other Cheek”, her second book, takes you along on the next chapter of her journey.

Key Insights from our wholehearted conversation include:

  • Your past need not define you, but it does inform you
  • The only way through is through, you need to feel and deal so you can deal – numbing ourselves is just not an option is we want to live fully
  • Time does not heal trauma, consciousness does – shining the light on the darkness is the key to moving through it
  • Be aware of how you try to soothe your inner chaos – what’s your default? How is that serving you?
  • A strong, daily spiritual practice keeps you grounded
  • What can you let go of so that something new can come in?

Links and More Information

One of the new pathways that has opened up for Tammy in her own Next Chapter is that of Dreams and Divination – a fun way to approach the inner work of self-awareness, purpose and personal development.

Click on the link below to download your own Dreamwork Exercise to help unlock the messages waiting for you in your own dreams!



Tammy Roth

Tammy is a licensed professional counselor with two master's degrees from Vanderbilt University. She also earned a PhD in metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology. She is a trained neurofeedback provider, EMDR therapist, is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and has extensive training in dreamwork.

However, her most important education has come from the process of being in recovery and utilizing creativity, meditation, nature, physical exercise, dream work and neurofeedback along with 12-step recovery meetings to have a healthy spirit and balanced brain.

Tammy's memoirs "High Bottom - Letting Go of Vodka and Chardonnay" and "New Bottom - Turning the Other Cheek" are the story of her own demise into alcoholism and the path to recovery that she continues to use to make her life vibrant and hope filled. The books, workshops and retreats are a platform to guide others on how to make their recovery process a deep, soul filled experience.

Tammy is also the Clinical Director at a residential treatment center for women in Tennessee.

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