Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 20: Sharleen Greer – Midlife Courage

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 20: Sharleen Greer – Midlife Courage

Ep 020 Podcast Sharleen Greer
Ep 020 Podcast Sharleen Greer

“Women die in their 50’s but aren’t buried til their 80’s”.

It was this quote that Sharleen Greer credits as one of her Awakening Moments, the realisation that she had more than 30 years ahead of her and she wanted them to be great years. Full years. Courageous years. Not long after this she read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks and found powerful questions in this book that she could not answer. This threw her into “a bit of a tizz”.

Sharleen knew that it was time to do what she really wanted to do and so she made the decision to step into her own Next Chapter by immersing herself in positivity and possibility, recognising that “there are so many things I have to offer – a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge and examples that I can share with other people”.

Although she had been a business owner back in her twenties, the landscape looked very different this time around. “I had to create a whole new level of confidence, a whole new mindset around sales and marketing and social media – I have to say, starting and growing a business is the BIGGEST personal development experience you will ever have!”.

In one of the most uplifting conversations I’ve had Sharleen shares openly about her Next Chapter Journey that’s unfolding each day, the delicate balance between action and allowing and the need to learn to trust yourself, your value and your intuition.

I know you’ll love it!

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Show Notes

Key Insights from our wholehearted conversation include:

  • Know your values – you may have lost touch with these whilst you’ve been looking after everyone else
  • As you explore these, recognise there is a difference between what you value and what you need
  • Make a conscious decision to invite more play into your life
  • Get help and support – don’t try and travel this road into Your Next Chapter alone
  • Build your Inner Coach – keep focusing on hearing her voice rather than the voce of your Inner Critic
  • Journaling plays a huge role in helping you get to know yourself better
  • Appreciate the value of the language you use – weed out the negative, old stories

Links and More Information

The more you know yourself and the way you show up in the world, the more possibilities can emerge for you and the better you can understand others too. Sharleen has provided us with a fabulously insightful personality quiz unlike anything you might have tried before – are you a Circle, a Squiggle, a Triangle or a Square?

Click on the link below to find out!


Sharleen is also hosting a Winter Wellness Retreat, helping midlife women reconnect with pleasure, purpose and play in Warkworth at the sumptuous Kourawhero Lodge from June 17-19.

Workshops, healthy food, yoga, creativity and craft, storytelling, open fires and spa baths…. Ahhhhhhh.

Give yourself permission to pause and play for a whole weekend.

Sharleen Greer

Sharleen Greer has had many chapters with a common thread that runs through all of them. She was born a helper, is a connector and a teacher and trained in nursing, Naturopathy and Counselling before having her children.

Most of her early mothering years she was working as a Child Birth Educator but after finding herself pregnant at forty she was thrown into a midlife crisis, stopped all work and concentrated her creativity on exploring what being an artist meant to her.

Fifteen years later, two daughters overseas and two daughters nearly joining them she has been able to open a new chapter of her life, training as a Life Coach and starting a business called Midlife Courage.

Sharleen is keen to hold the hands of all midlife women who are wanting to go from Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage where reconnecting and cultivating pleasure, play and purpose is a very attractive option.

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