Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 18: Nikki White – Increasing Personal Productivity

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 18: Nikki White – Increasing Personal Productivity

Ep 018 Nikki White
Ep 018 Nikki White

Nikki White has always had an exceptional knack for organisation, productivity and getting things done… but this traditional approach has been enriched with a philosophical twist as she has stepped into her own Next Chapter and redefined success on her terms.

In the first chapters of her working life Nikki worked as a receptionist and PA, honing her administration skills. Once marriage and children became a part of her story she, like many women, realised that although Corporate life was no longer for her, she wanted and needed to be more than simply a Mum. That’s when she launched Scribes, her Virtual Assistant business from a spare room at home in 2005 and her entrepreneurial adventure began.

Fast-forward to today, Nikki has diversified her business, divorced, re-partnered, become a Theta Healer, founded Wellness Hubs Australia, a national networking, training and support Network for Wellness Practitioners across the country and now uses her deep and rich understanding of technology to provide Online Business Management Services for several blossoming entrepreneurs.

Nikki has a unique blend of talents and philosophies, seamlessly combining modern day tech to take you out of overwhelm with a holistic approach, helping her clients tap into the energy of their business, to pause and get intentional to allow flow and ease.

In this episode we explore some of the easiest ways you can make small but powerful changes in your own business practices to welcome clarity, space and organisation into your working day.

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Show Notes

Key Insights from our wholehearted conversation include:

  • Your mind is for having ideas not for holding them
  • Dump everything out of your head – anxiety, stress and overload comes from keeping it all inside
  • Do not run your day by your inbox – that’s other peoples agendas
  • Identify what your pillars of business and life are
  • Create timezones in your day based on your key priorities and responsibilities
  • Build in time buffers
  • FaceBook is one of the BIGGEST time suckers – beware! Set the timer on your phone and leave when it goes off
  • If you have something that is working for you, stay with it – there is no need to fix what isn’t broken so don’t be tempted by the latest platform or software

Links and More Information

There is a plethora of apps and software and platforms for you to use in your business. Nikki has provided us with a list of the “tried and tested” ones that she recommends – the 23 handiest tools for your own online business from online accounting and meetings to project management and DIY graphic creation.

You can download this treasure trove of links through the image below.


Nikki White

I have been running small businesses for over 10 years as well as being a spiritual / intuitive person. I have a passion to assist practitioners to be the best small business operators they can be. I am convinced that regardless of what modality you practice, it is possible to be successful and profitable.

Having worked as a PA / VA for over 20 years I am incredibly organised and efficient yet I’m also a Certified ThetaHealer. Weird I know… but I class myself as a spiritual business person and highly recommend mixing the two!!

Using my vast knowledge of business management, I empower practitioners via my mentoring programs to become more knowledgeable and confident at running their business. At the same time; I understand energy flows and the benefits to working within these to get things done but also understand the importance of taking time out to just “be” in your business.

I also have a fantastic team of Hub Leaders who host all the Wellness Hubs Australia meetings around Australia and these ladies share my passion for a successful industry.

But who am I really?

Whilst all of the above is totally true, let me share a little bit about “behind the scenes” me as this is what you can expect when you mentor with me.

I’m a mum of two teenage boys, I swear when I’m cranky, I love having a beer on the weekend, I’m not vegan or gluten free, I don’t do yoga… or other things that I thought I “should” do, to work in the wellness industry.

I don’t like getting dressed up, or wearing high heel shoes, I love my thongs in summer and my ugg boots in winter.

I love my tarot/angel cards and my fairy garden outside my office window. I love magical things, nature, the beach, the trees, the birds. I love tapping into the energy of the universe in my own unique form of meditation. And I love working from my home office with my dog, Charlie, at my feet.

I totally believe in energetic connection and in working with people who have the same values as you. I believe the universe has my back and will provide all I need (and you need) for us to all be successful together.

I have a heap of knowledge to share with you and I REALLY want to see you succeed.

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