Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 17: Melissa Jeffcott – Reclaiming Joy and Passion

Angela Raspass and Mel Jeffcott Reclaiming Joy and Passion Your Next Chapter Podcast

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “where is my life going?”

Melissa had one of those moments show up – a doorway into a new possibility opened when she realised that she did not want to go back to her “Before Kids” Corporate life.

She asked herself the question “What don’t I want to do?” and knew that it was time for her authentic voice to be heard. She took a deep breath, looked at her skills and listened to her heart. This pause and decision to let go of fear (after all, what’s the worse that could happen?) and to trust herself led Mel to explore Life Coaching with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Her Blog and Business, The Other Side of Forty, came to life.

“I saw a lot of other women so similar to me” she says, “with corporate backgrounds before having kids and then with all of the demands on them, the joy and passion begin to disappear….”. Turning 40 was a real time for me to take stock and decide to start taking care of me, and I wanted to help other women to do the same”.

This is an inspiring conversation about choices, change and what’s involved in starting your own business – is it time for you to reclaim joy and passion in your own life?

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Show Notes

Melissa shared many insights and tips form her own business and life including:

  • There is not just one purpose or option in life available to you – there are many. Start by asking yourself “what lights you up, what brings you joy?”. Get curious and follow your heart.
  • If that feels difficult, start with what you don’t want instead and simply flip your answers.
  • You can beak the “I can’t do that” default reaction by pausing and asking yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?”. You’ll often find that can can definitely handle that.
  • Your authentic voice and unique expression needs to be heard and seen.
  • You can create a business based around your personal skills and experience – look at those skills and imagine who you could help with them.
  • Consciously invite more joy and fun into your life on a regular basis – you deserve it
  • You’re likely to find that as you grow older, you don’t worry so much about what other people think and that is LIBERATING!

About the speaker

Melissa Jeffcott is a mum of three and certified life coach helping women on the other side of forty reconnect with their purpose, passion and joy for life.

Melissa wholeheartedly believes that life in your forties can be a time of amazing transformation, and loves writing about living your best life on the other side of forty, with plenty of heart and a sprinkling of humour through the links below.

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