Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 15: Kylie Patchett – Making Friends with Fear

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 15: Kylie Patchett – Making Friends with Fear

Kylie Patchett Making friends with fear in Your Next Chapter Podcast
Kylie Patchett Making friends with fear in Your Next Chapter Podcast

Kylie Patchett had a “chiropractic adjustment of the soul” back in 2012 when her Father passed away and she realised with a jolt that he had lived a life out of obligation and duty, never allowing who he truly was to emerge.

She was following in his footsteps and it was not working.

But to leave her Corporate role, the security and the prestige of significant achievement, was that a good idea?

She felt the fear and did it anyway, and that is a very apt description considering where she focuses her attention and expertise today, helping female entrepreneurs to recognise fear as a normal, healthy response to change and to move through it.

As Kylie says ‘Bless you Fear, for showing me the edge of my known zone – I’m here to grow, so thank you”!

In this Episode Kylie walks you through the most common self-sabotage cycles and shares her ABC method for avoiding getting stuck so you can build the rock solid self belief that allows you to access the field of fluid potential in your business and life.

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Show Notes

Having rock solid self belief that you can help the people you are here to help is the goal – and this means you need to know, unequivocally, that you are enough. You need to:

  • identify the core blocks between you and business success
  • tame your default self sabotage cycles and
  • use a simple and powerful process for making friends with fear time and time again, so you are free to create the business you crave.

When you have the ability to create the beliefs you want to create, that’s true freedom.

In addition to the 3 step process of Awareness, Beliefs and Conscious Choices approach that Kylie speaks about in this Episode, she also recommends exploring EFT, NLP and working with a coach to help you unhook yourself from those persistent, unhelpful thoughts that influence your actions, or lack thereof.

Links and More Information

The first steps to fear busting can be taken by downloading the Making Friends with Fear e-book and the Audio copy that comes along wth it too that Kylie has kindly provided for us. I had the pleasure of reading this book just before it was released (Belief Buddy sneak preview Bonus) when she first wrote it and it is first hand FABULOUS!

You can click on the image below to opt in and download it for yourself.

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Kylie is also the creator of the Making Friends with Fear Program – it’s not just another how-to business program. It’s the one program you need to do first before you try to put any other (or any more) business or marketing strategy in place.

I’m a proud affiliate for MFWF and encourage you to take a look if you feel that fear might be the key thing holding you back from business success. You can click the image below to visit the MFWF page – the program is open for enrolment now.

There’s a great quote that says “you are not limited by your circumstances.  You are only ever limited by what you believe to be possible”, and in my mind, that is totally true!


Kylie Patchett

Kylie Patchett is a Mindset Coach, who helps women entrepreneurs break through overwhelm and their own mental BS to create what they crave in business – more cash, more clients, more freedom - without sacrificing their soul or their sanity or their health.

Kylie is the Mindset Mentor for the Conquer Club entrepreneur incubator from Natalie MacNeil, is a faculty member of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and has been featured in She Takes on the World, Lucky Bitch, Violet Magazine, Business Review Weekly and Inspired Coach Magazine.

She’s the mum to two little ladies Abby and Clio (who are equal parts enthralled and embarrassed by her bad 80s dance moves) and shares a quiet country life with them and her volunteer fire-fighting husband, Shane who she met in a nightclub at age 21.

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