Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 14: Kerry Jeffery – Your Life is an Inside Job

Kerry Jeffery talks with Angela Raspass of how your life is an inside job on Your Next Chapter Podcast

It was 2009 when her Mother passed away when Kerry Jeffery paused and took a good look at her own life. She realised that her Mum’s life had been quite unfulfilled and that her own was feeling more than a little like “groundhog day”.

And that’s when she decided it was time to change.

Kerry had always wanted to work with people, supporting them to become their best selves and so she gave herself full permission to do whatever it was she needed to do to pursue this next chapter in her own life with full authenticity and curiosity. This journey began with becoming a Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” Trainer and has continued ever since as she has gradually added layers of experience and insights.

“As an Entrepreneur today there is no mold to follow for many women” says Kerry, “our Mothers and Grandmothers  didn’t do this. We need to forge our own true path. We need to be careful not to look outside for validation or approval – this is never permanent. But Self-love and self-approval? Now that’s true vaccination against what the world may hand out”.

Kerry shares a wealth of wisdom and actionable isights in this weeks episode, helping you to define yourself from the inside out as you move into your own Next Chapter. I know you’ll love her as much as I do!

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Show Notes

About the speaker

With a background in psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching, Kerry Jeffery is an expert in emotional healing using her own unique and powerful blend of therapy that transforms lives.

Kerry specialises in helping people overcome trauma, toxic parent relationships and the fears and beliefs that keep them stuck in self-doubt and unable to move on.

With her years of practical experience coupled with strong intuition and knowledge, Kerry has helped hundreds of clients overcome shame, insecurity and anxiety and given them the support and skills they need to be their authentic selves.

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