Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 13: Larissa Halls – Owning Your Impact

Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 13: Larissa Halls – Owning Your Impact

Ep 13 Owning Your Impact
Ep 13 Owning Your Impact

Larissa Halls is a woman who has had a profound impact on me personally. One of my Belief Buddies introduced her to me a few years back and I began working with her on a fortnightly basis as my Mindset Coach almost 2 years ago. I know without a doubt that many of my leaps forward in personal and business growth during that time have come as a result of the conversations we have, the way she challenges my perceptions and default thinking. And that’s why I was excited to interview Larissa for this weeks episode and to share some of her insights and perspectives with you.

Some of the most enlightening work I’ve done with Larissa, and we discuss these concepts in the episode, is that our voids drive our values and that everything that happens to us can be viewed as BOTH negative and positive – we are to seek balance in our perspectives if we can take the time to pause and evaluate them. As difficult as it can be to find the growth opportunity inherent in a challenge that has knocked you for six, with courage and self-awareness you can and this is an invaluable skill to develop for both your entrepreneurial adventure and life in general.

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Show Notes

Some of the key points to ponder from this episode include:

  • Challenges are a platform to learn and grow from
  • The world is a mirror – what you see in others is also in you
  • Our life is a puzzle, we get one piece at a time
  • Do not give your power away to an outside authority and do not expect another person to tell you what your purpose is, your job is to follow the breadcrumbs that you see and feel
  • Your voids drive your values
  • Everything is on the way, not in the way
  • You can’t imagine your future with the knowledge you have today

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Larissa speaks of the 7 most common Fears we all face in business and life. Below is a summary of these fears taken from Dr Demartini’s blog.

  • The first fear is the mental fear of not knowing enough. This fear can immobilise you and keep you from doing what you truly love. In fact, you have the capacity to do whatever you dream of doing, regardless of the level you’re at now, or the level you are planning to grow to next. You attract opportunities according to your level of knowing. As you know more, you grow and empower more. By loving yourself even when you don’t happen to know something that is lower on your list of values, you can liberate yourself to learn even more. Whatever is truly highest on your list of values is where you efficiently learn the most. And you know something most when you have a more balanced awareness.
  • The second fear is the vocational fear of failure. You must be able to love your illusive perception of failure as much as your illusive perception of success since you probably perceive yourself to shamefully fail and proudly succeed equally and constantly and both act as feedback loops to help you ever refine your more balanced daily actions. Have you ever set yourself goals and yet haven’t managed to fulfil them? Everyone does. Throughout your life you’ll perceive yourself to be a success and failure. Neither of them have to disempower you or distract you from your highest mission.
  • The third fear is the fear of financial poverty or loss of money. You fear that if you go out and do what you truly love to do, you won’t make enough money. If you love something and are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve it, and you also truly value money, follow the financial laws of success and save, you can certainly build wealth doing what you love. By caring enough about humanity to discovering how you can most effectively serve others you can more effectively access your financial fortune.
  • The fourth fear is the fear of losing your loved ones. Many people feel that if they do what they love, they will either not have enough time for or lose someone they love. I think what stabilises a relationship is not needing each other as much as loving each other. There’s a big difference. When you both have an independent and empowered life there is less of a fear of loss. If either partner decided to leave, the other would still be able to function.
  • The fifth fear, the fear of social rejection is a big one. Some people are not doing what they love because they’re afraid people will reject them. Actually, both acceptance and rejection consistently occur throughout your whole life, and the more extraordinary and empowered you become, the more you will receive of both. Learn to appreciate both equally. People come and go, they’re transient, but you’re with yourself for the whole journey – it’s your life. Never sacrifice the eternal for the transient. Embrace both sides of your social life equally.
  • The sixth fear is the fear of ill health, death or disease. Some people don’t live their dream because they’re afraid they will become ill or die if they do. But the greatest cause of illness, disease, and death is not being inspired and not living your dreams. That will kill you faster than anything else. Inspiration and gratitude heal and empower, and if you’re not doing what you love, you’ll feel ungrateful and desperate. Your illness may be you wakeup call to start living according to your true highest priorities.
  • The seventh and last fear is the spiritual fear of breaking the ethics of some perceived authority. Morals are the rules you impose on yourself, and ethics are the rules that others impose on you. Many people let those fears stop them from doing what they love and expressing their mission because they fear that others may not ethically approve of them.

You can break through or break down in all seven areas of life. If you break down, you’re listening to your fearful self, if you break through you’ve listened to your empowered and masterful self.

But there will always be fears in your life. Fear means you’re growing and challenging yourself beyond your comfort zones. Your fear is a feedback response to assure you set more congruent and inspiring objectives.

Larissa Halls

"In a disordered mind as in a disordered body soundness of health, wealth and success are impossible".

Larissa is an experienced Personal Growth Coach, yoga and meditation teacher who focuses on bringing order and wholeness to your mind and emotional state, so you can experience the health, wealth and success you envision. She offers emotional support for women in business, assisting them in renewing their sense of self, manage overwhelm and refresh their view about who they "think" they really are.

Larissa has a unique combination of skills which allows her to embody all aspects of the self (Mind - Body - Soul). She is passionate about teaching others the interwoven connection between their thoughts and perceptions, actions, mindset, hidden sub - conscious agendas, the bodies feedback mechanism (their physiology) and the results they see in their lives. This enables her clients to better manage their emotions, gain an awareness of the gifts and talents they bring to the world whilst uncovering the limitless potential they have to create their life's vision.

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