Leaving your corporate life behind – Ep 128 with Harjit Sohotey-Khan

Harjit Sohotey-Khan 128

What do you do when you come back from a year of travelling and realise you can no longer fit into your previous corporate life? You do the thing that’s calling you, because you know you don’t want regrets. “My inspiration began with a backpack, a handful of dreams and a vision – to bring ethical and beautifully handcrafted accessories to a global market, whilst ensuring the artisans who create them are empowered to earn a dignified and sustainable income”, explains Harjit. The result? A beautiful, ethical business fashion business for stylish women that places the artisan at the heart of the story, with each and every product handmade by the artisans who are empowered by a fair and sustainable income.

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Show Notes

  • 70-80 years of life – it’s such a tiny period of time, really
  • When my Mum began to become unwell, it made me question – would I ever make my own dreams come true? When she got well, I felt I needed to make the change more than ever – I was compelled
  • When my husband and I travelled for a year I felt more fluid and more purposeful than I ever had. I needed the freedom to think
  • We stumbled across so many artisans and from an initial seed of an idea, an entire business eventually grew
  • I could not slot back into “normal life” again - I used to be happy in a creative marketing role, but over the years it changed into a more traditional corporate role and it just didn’t fit me anymore. I felt trapped by commitment
  • As I looked back, I could see the Universe was showing me signs – “this is what you love, this is what’s for you”
  • I worked through self-doubt and imposter syndrome, again and again, it’s an ongoing thing
  • I had so much to learn – when you work for a business, it’s all done for you, when you have to do it all for yourself, it’s hard
  • I got a mentor to help me shape my ideas and a community for encouragement and support
  • I have to pinch myself now, when I see how far I have come!
  • It’s so good to have purpose, to be doing the things that lights me up

About the speaker

A wanderlust seeker, changemaker and curator of ethical fashion and homewares, Harjit empowers artisans and stylish women through conscious style at Jewelled Buddha, her online boutique specialising in unique, fair trade jewellery & accessories sourced from social good around the world.

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