Ditching the punishment mindset – Ep 121 with Leanne Vandeligt

Leanne Vandeligt 121

“We’ve been taught that thin = happy” says Leanne, “and that fads work and there is some perfect or right way to eat”. The trouble is none of this is true! Restriction is not sustainable. A punishment mindset is not sustainable. What is sustainable is trusting ourselves, following our instincts, eating for the joy and love of food!”

It’s a relief to chat with Leanne, a health and wellbeing coach for women who is based in Melbourne and encourages women to redefine wellness, what it actually means for you to be a Well Woman. This is a conversation that will get you thinking, moving and eating!

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Show Notes


  • It’s time to design your own Wellness Map – a set of ideas that fit you personally instead of you generically.


  • What ways of moving bring you joy? Do that. What feels nourishing to eat for you? Eat that. What role will fun play in your life? Enjoy that!


  • How you can lean into trusting yourself and your instincts and choices? By listening to your body and doing what it tells you! It does speak to you, regularly, it’s just that we’ve been programmed not to listen to what it has to say


  • Try not to label yourself as a “stress eater” or a “comfort eater” – you might find yourself living up to the label


  • Check-in with your someone to help find your blind spots (mine was how the “go hard or go home” value I’d inherited was leading to significant self-sabotage in the health arena)


  • Spring clean those beliefs! Ask yourself, is it true? Is it mine? Where did it come from?
  • A core of self-worth is important for you to prioritise self-care

About the speaker

Leanne Vandeligt is not your everyday personal trainer or coach, with 30 years of experience helping women to feel better, to like how they feel and look.  One thing she knows is that women are amazing, strong, capable, but they don’t always feel like that.

She knows and understands the struggles women have around mindset and teaches women to feel happy first, so they are more likely to eat well, move their body be more motivated to take care of themselves.

She teaches a new way, to make healthy easy, women a priority and to make it fit as part of life.  The focus needs to be on the big picture, not just about exercise and never about the weight.  Leanne helps with women to feel good, help create new ways, new thoughts, to tweak old patterns, habits for allowing change, teaching that weight is just a symptom, it’s not the real issue.


Teaching fitness and changing women’s energy and life, whilst juggling family with her 2 boys, studying and running her own personal training, studio, teaching other mums like her to feel fit, confident and happy, physically and mentally.


Now 53, Leanne is even more determined to help more women as well as herself, to feel her best energetic, productive self, she says, “I like to think of it as a midlife awakening, not a midlife crisis”.


“My focus now, is to help more women for empowering changes they want, having what they desire, positive thoughts, maintaining weight in a positive, no-diet way, for energy, confidence, to love your body more for an uplifted life”.

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