Is it time to start marketing again? – Ep 119 with Kellie O’Brien & Angela Raspass

Is it time to start marketing again? – Ep 119 with Kellie O’Brien & Angela Raspass

Ep119 Angela Raspass-min
Ep119 Angela Raspass-min

We’re feeling the shift. It’s time for a return, or is that actually a start, of what many have referred to as “the new normal”.  Borders are reopening. Gatherings are starting again. We’re remerging from one of the most unexpected and challenging times for business owners and individuals and you may be asking yourself, is it “business as usual? Do I simply market in the same ways I was before?”.


Kellie O’Brien and I got together to chat about the emerging trends were seeing in the market and with our own clients and would like to share our observations to add to yours.

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Show Notes

Show Notes


  • Many businesses adapted their way of being, identifying new opportunities, pivoting to online – are there changes you’ll be making?


  • Some business owners (like me) have, on reflection, found they were previously “addicted to busy” and are now deciding on a new approach


  • Consistent strategy and captivating storytelling are still in style, and always will be


  • The most important action you can take is to listen to your clients and what they’ve been experiencing – focus on being interested, not interestingDevelop full cycle relationship marketing – clearly considered and value adding steps from first connection to your offer of service


  • Trends we are seeing include personalisation, blended working arrangements, and increased acceptance and comfortability with online delivery



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Kellie O’Brien

Kellie O’Brien is a Wollongong author, speaker and consultant who specialises in online marketing and social media for consultants, service professionals and small business owners who feel they're simply throwing darts at a marketing map.

Kellie empowers business owners to purposefully use storytelling, strategy and systems to build online marketing pathways that consistently move your ideal clients from discovering who you are online through to investing with you.

With 16 years as a journalist, 5 years owning a PR agency and now as an online marketing consultant, Kellie lives and breathes story and strategy.


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