How to set yourself up for success – Ep 109 with Angela Raspass

How to set yourself up for success – Ep 109 with Angela Raspass

How can I achieve my goals? Angela Raspass Episode 109
How can I achieve my goals? Angela Raspass Episode 109

We’re in the first months of a whole new decade, not just a new year, and you may have created some big goals that you want to achieve in business and life in this new chapter.

When reflecting on where I’m at, I realised that the end of this decade I’ll actually be in my 60s, and so I decided that now is the time to become the best version of me.

That means in a business sense, I have some very clear plans for how I want to create more impact and be more supportive of my audience and my clients, and that’s going to demand sustained energy. And so this means ensuring I have the fitness and flexibility to do the things that I want to do.

I was away with my family in the second week of January on holiday, and this is where I really started to recognise that changes needed to be made.

I set some clear goals and then reflected on what I’d need to set myself up to achieve them and that’s what this episode is about – the core steps I believe we need to take to give any strong intention a greater chance of coming to fruition, whether it be a business or life goal.

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Show Notes

  • Take time to outline and define what your intention or goal looks like in action
    One of my intentions was to make positive nutrition choices each day. But what does that actually look like? For me, it means no skipping meals, and to have fresh non-processed choices wherever possible.
  • Invest in the tools or actions that will support you to reach your goals
    These can be specific tools or proactive actions and for me, they included gym membership, a nutrition app and, for the bigger picture, investing in a Mastermind.
  • Utilise the power of Pre-commitment
    Pre-commitment is simply deciding in advance what actions or behaviours you're willing to do or not to do before you're actually confronted with the situation
  • Behaviour and results are transferable
    The great news is that these behaviours, these supporting keys and tools can be used right across the board, in every area of your business and life. I certainly utilise them in my business, setting measurable goals that are both Smart and Heart.
  • These simple tips are powerfully effective on their own, but by far the most powerful tool that you have at your disposal for anything you wanting to achieve in 2020 is to ensure that your internal dialogue is supportive and encouraging and liberally laced with self-compassion.

You can read the extended blog post that compliments this Podcast here.

Links and More Information

What Are The Tibetan Rites?

  • They are a series of five special movements that are gradually increased over a ten-week period until you are doing twenty-one repetitions of each.
  • In the T5T ® method three "Energy Breaths" are taken between each movement
  • The routine is repeated daily and takes around ten minutes. Some people do it quicker than others, and others prefer to do it more slowly
  • The first posture is a spinning movement. The remaining four are similar to other yoga movements
  • The sequence is more like a smooth, almost dance-like flowing routine, that is highly pleasurable to perform
  • You can do the Rites in the morning to boost your energy for the day, or at the end of the day to wind-down. You can also do them in the evening to give you an extra boost of energy if needed
  • You can do them at any time that suits you - at home, at work, outside, or while traveling etc
  • No special equipment is needed. You don't need to travel anywhere to do them!

You can download a free poster here that shows the poses and the affirmations that accompany them.

What is pre-commitment?

Pre-commitment is another concept I refer to in this episode and you can read a blog post about this here.

What are Smart and Heart Goals?

I believe there are 2 distinct types of goals/objectives to develop to guide you in Your Next Chapter.

SMART objectives or goals are traditional, have masculine energy and are action-oriented - they provide focus.

HEART objectives or goals are progressive, have feminine energy and are momentum- oriented - they honour your feelings.

I believe we need a blend of both!

Using Heart and Smart Goals to set yourself up for success | Angela Raspass

Prefer to read?

I've also written an extended blog post about this Podcast topic for those who prefer to read! You can find it here on my blog.


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