How to turn challenges into an inspiring new vision – Ep 108 with Jodie Preiss

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Jodie Preiss is a woman of resilience, compassion and vision and she has a great, big heart. I say that Next Chapters are often built on skinned knees, and Jodie is a definite example of this truth because those challenges she’s navigated, they’re actually more akin to lacerated knees.

But, yes, she has come through to the other side, and as you no doubt know when we have space between the then and the now, there are valuable lessons to process and share, new insights and perspectives gained that can often form the foundations of a new vision. That’s exactly what has happened with Jodie, and her new business, Collective Ripples, is set to become a movement we can all be a part of.

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Show Notes

  • Don’t compare your challenges with anyone else’s. We all have our own journey.


  • The desire to create legacy can often grow after significant, life-changing experiences and the examples left by people we love and admire.


  • Be a great custodian of your energy – go gently, gently and gradually build your vision so it, and you, are sustained and sustainable


  • “Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean”, is a quote to live by! We need not work alone, dream alone, take action alone.


  • Whenever someone has asked me about the difference I wanted to make, for years I have joked “I want to change the world”. And that dream still exists. However, I recognise, that I can also change the world, by changing myself, and by helping individuals to change themselves along the way as well.


  • Self-doubt flares for me when I’m tired, or particularly busy with life, and don’t get to spend time with my vision for Collective Ripples. I am much more adept at recognising it these days, and so take a break. Do a meditation. Or spend time in nature. Then, I make sure that I set myself some really easily achievable small goals, so that I am able to recognise and celebrate my achievements and progress.


  • Women in our 40’s and beyond make fabulous entrepreneurs because we have lived. And we have lost. And through all of that, we are able to discern what is truly important.


About the speaker

Jodie really struggles with labels, but understands that they are the best way for you to get a picture of who she is. This 40-something (closer to 50 than 40 if you must know), is a mum to a teenage son, wife to an IT professional, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, runner (that one takes a LOT to admit, despite running a marathon in 2015!), daily meditator and, now, founder of a big passion project. She is also a survivor, having faced some pretty huge challenges in the past couple of years – this label is one she is far more comfortable owning.

In her spare time Jodie loves reading - anything really, but lately there have been lots of memoirs, business books, and a huge number of books on self-discovery (much better description than self-help don't you think!). She tries to walk in nature every day, and has grown to understand that this, along with daily meditation, is an essential part of her self-care. She also spends a LOT of time at her son's cricket training and matches each summer - he plays THREE matches per week.

You can find out more about Jodie’s big passion project at or @collectiveripples on Facebook and Instagram

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