Controlling your destiny – Ep 102 with Tracey Bissett

Controlling your destiny – Ep 102 with Tracey Bissett

Controlling your destiny Ep 102 with Tracey Bissett
Controlling your destiny Ep 102 with Tracey Bissett

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we are choosing our Next Chapter. Rather, circumstances can thrust it upon you and we all can do is respond. And often, with the benefit of kindsight, we are able to see this was the best possible thing to happen for, rather than too, us!

That was Tracey’s experience when a company restructure changed the direction of her successful corporate career. She made good use of the outplacement services that were offered to her and recognised that there was a demand for her skill base, but it was the casual observation from her Dad that opened a new door.

“How about you start your own thing?”.

Bissett Financial Fitness was the result, a business that provides Tracey with the opportunity to leverage all of her skills, make a real difference, escape her industry paradigm and control her own destiny to boot.

What’s not to love about a Next Chapter like that?

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Show Notes

  • It’s not easy to start and grow your own business, but you have ample evidence from your past of your ability to overcome obstacles and that same determination and resourcefulness is transferable to your new venture
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance – people are kind and want to help
  • Start with a blank page and ask yourself – what’s important to you? How would you most like to design your new business or the next chapter of your current business? Consider what you love, what the market needs and where the intersection between them is
  • It’s always a good idea to develop multiple streams of income opportunities – Tracey combines training and consulting, coaching and speaking
  • Get comfortable with being in the space of not knowing – it’s ok and expected that you will spend a fair amount of time there!
  • Understand that the actions of confidence come first and the feelings of confidence follow – take a breath, screw up your courage and leap
  • Perfectionism can really hold you back – practice letting go
  • Consider assembling your own small Board of Directors to turn to for advice and guidance – it’s invaluable.

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Tracey Bissett

Tracey Bissett's on a mission to redefine the economic future of the world by addressing the financial literacy of young adults and entrepreneurs. She does this through her weekly podcast, Young Money - the advice show for millionaires in the making, teaching and delivery of courses, coaching and consulting. She LOVES her golden retriever (Rosie), roller coasters, music especially live concerts and making money!

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