Be yourself everyone else is taken – Ep 101 with Angela Raspass

Be yourself everyone else is taken – Ep 101 with Angela Raspass

Be yourself, Everyone else is taken Ep 101 with Angela Raspass
Be yourself, Everyone else is taken Ep 101 with Angela Raspass

This week’s episode was inspired by a conversation I had where a client and I discovered the impact of what I call the Chameleon Effect. This is a phenomenon that occurs when, for a variety of reasons, we have lost our own value anchors and find ourselves twisting and turning ourselves into a shape that reflects what we think the audience wants of us, whether that be in a job interview or a conversation with a potential new client.

It’s what happens when we fall into wanting to be seen and picked rather than recognised and selected and that’s not a great option for either party, as it is rarely sustainable. When you embody who you really are, you’ll create your strongest connections.

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Show Notes

  • Brene Brown shares that the desire to belong is a deeply held value of all people, so much so that we’ll settle for fitting in,
  • Clarity on your personal brand and message – what you stand for, believe n and wants for your clients is a cornerstone of being able to be “recognised”
  • Congruence across all platform sand touch points is important- will I equally recognise you on a Facebook post, an Instagram story, in a video, on a blog, in person?
  • Being yourself means owning what you now and what you want to contribute to the world
  • Your uniqueness, your individuality, your foibles, your experience, your stories, your skinned knees and honesty are your greatest offerings. They differentiate you. They allow you to be recognised by the people you are here to serve.
  • These qualities – the qualities that reflect who we “really are” – allow us to attract our greatest allies, our most valuable clients and customers, and our most loyal colleagues.
  • You are not here to please everyone! The World of Thirds concept tells us that 1/3 of the audience will likely actively disagree with what we have to say or offer, the next third will not really care, but the final third, your third, will resonate deeply with your message. It is not your job to convince or convert the first 2/3’s – it is simply your role to connect with, contribute to and communicate with your third
  • When you embody who you are you will create your strongest relationships, feel anchored and authentic, connected to your integrity and perhaps most importantly, have fun!
  • Take some time to reacquaint yourself with your values and reflect on how you are showing up – are you anchored in your story, your unique approach to the world? If you need a little adjustment, take action. You’ll be glad you did.

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