Pulling back the curtain – Ep 100 with Dr. Becky Quicke

Pulling back the curtain – Ep 100 with Dr. Becky Quicke

Pulling back the curtain Ep 100 with Dr Becky Quicke
Pulling back the curtain Ep 100 with Dr Becky Quicke

This week we’ve reached a milestone on the Your Next Chapter Podcast – the 100th episode!

It’s been an absolute delight to share the stories of so many wholehearted women from around the globe who have stepped into their own next chapters in business and life, to hear of their challenges and triumphs, fears and celebrations, lessons and insights.

To celebrate the achievement that 100 episodes represent, I stepped to the other side of the microphone to be interviewed by one of my lovely listeners – the fabulous Dr. Becky Quicke from the UK. We had an absolute ball recording this one for you and hope you enjoy it just as much.

And, of course, I look forward to sharing more stories with you as we go forward, along with more solo shows where I’m stepping up my own game to share more of my own insights, ideas, and perspectives with you. Take a moment to subscribe through the links below so you never miss an episode.

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Show Notes

These are the questions Becky posed that I answer…

  • You have been an inspiration for me as I stepped into my next chapter almost a year ago to the day and I know you inspire many women across the globe - who inspired you most to step into your own next chapters and what was it that inspired you?
  • Could you talk us through your next chapters and in particular focus on what wisdom have you taken from each chapter that has led you to the chapter you are in today?
  • So many working mums lose ourselves as we juggle our careers and being mums. Does this resonate with you and if so, would you say you have become more yourself in your next chapter or would you say you have transformed into a different person?
  • I recently heard a wonderful woman called Kelly Diels encourage female entrepreneurs to step away from the audience numbers and followers as the metric of success but to focus on our ‘legacy metric’-what the next generation will gain from our work in the world. How would you describe the legacy that you hope to leave the world and the next generation?
  • Like you I have ‘popcorn brain’ (one of your fab phrases), how do you respond to new inspiration and exciting business ideas whilst maintaining stability and focus?
  • You work with women from within Australia and from all over the world, are there any cultural differences that strike you in relation to women and their next chapters?
  • What has your podcasting journey taught you?
  • How would you like to see your podcast evolve through the next hundred episodes?!
  • Well, a century of podcasts!! Let’s not talk the current Ashes cricket series between England and Australia with Australia winning fair and square but there is a lovely tradition of the batsman or woman raising and pointing their bat towards special people who they would like to acknowledge and share their achievement with. Who would you like to raise your bat towards in sharing your special moment in reaching 100 podcasts?

Links and More Information

Dr. Becky Quicke

Becky Quicke helps ambitious women in letting go of self-doubt and becoming and embracing who they truly are so they can reach their potential at home and in work and enjoy living with fulfillment. Many working mums have lost the sense of themselves and are battling through on unsustainable, short-term survival strategies and are heading towards burn out. Becky knows this as she has been there herself.

After enjoying a 15 year career working in NHS mental health services she set up her own Clinical Psychology business in 2015. She juggled a successful business with caring for her young children until she looked burn out in the eye. She pivoted her business to bring together knowledge from her career, personal experiences and the wisdom of working with women's inner hormone cycles and outer seasonal cycles to help women grow more compassionate relationships with themselves, flexible thinking skills and sustainable ways of living through cyclical awareness.

Becky delivers keynote speeches and workshops within the workplace and facilitates workshops and retreats in beautiful settings to help individual ambitious working mums have the self belief to flourish and fly. She believes they deserve this and the whole world needs it.

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