Next Chapter Podcast Episode 10: Barb Wade – Making Decisions from Love not Fear


Barb Wade and I spoke about making decisions. About become aware of that slow nagging, a feeling that asks for your attention as over time, you realise that you are simply not fulfilled in what you are doing, despite the outward achievement or boxes that may be ticked. And that it’s time to decide to head in a new direction.

In Barbs case, little by little, she started realising what she was burning out. That this was not her passion, her hearts desire. That the work just didn’t have doesn’t have real meaning for her. Barb was good at it, and that was gratifying to a certain extent, but it simply lacked meaning and so something, eventually needed to change.

And so began her first Next Chapter as she gave herself a slow and steady exploration of what she wanted. The questions she began to ask of herself and encourages you to ask as well include:

“Why are you here? Why are you here on this planet? What do you uniquely have to give and to gift other people? What would give your life meaning?”

Over the years this remarkable woman has moved from directly reporting to Steven Spielberg, to a role in a prime time television show, to deep personal transformational coaching with clients to extraordinarily successful business coaching…. before she just recently felt that deep calling rising up again, the need for change, to be true to herself once more and return to her true passion, helping individuals find their path to incredible freedom.  To unbridled self-expression.  To deep self-love.  To inspiration and excitement.  To meaning.  To joy.

She shares openly of her own journey in this Episode in a rich, deep, honest and vulnerable conversation that I know you will love as we explore how to make the decisions in your business in life from a place of love, rather than fear so you can open fully to possibility.

As Barb says “It’s so interesting to see that our prior journey, the places we suffered and struggled almost always becomes the foundation of that real contribution and that gift and that next chapter that turns out to be our purpose.”

I could not agree more and I know you will love this episode!

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Show Notes

This was a true wholehearted conversation where we dug deep into a lot of ideas and thoughts that I’m sure will resonate with you as you stand on the edge of your own Next Chapter or are already fully immersed in it. These included:

  • When we’re younger our perspective on the world can just be so different. And we do seem to hit a point where the external achievements start to matter so much less than the internal fulfilment and sense of being on the right path.
  • You are likely to get to a point where the inner knowing starts to get louder and louder and louder. And you can stuff it down for a little while, but eventually it goes loud enough that you go, “You know what, I’m being called into this next chapter. I’m being called into this next direction and I can’t ignore it any longer”.
  • Everything you have done up to this point counts. Everything. The work that we do now, on our Next Chapters, is definitely, absolutely, unequivocally built upon the foundation that has come before it.
  • We don’t live in our past but we should certainly reference it because they are the lessons that have given us the strength and given us the insights to then share other people.
  • As we move forward, the tool for making choices that honour us has to do with checking the motivation underneath any decision.
  • Are you coming from the energy of love, of expansion, of possibility? Or are you coming from the energy of  fear, of scarcity, of missing out or feeling obliged?
  • This is really about self-awareness and it’s about pausing and allowing yourself the space to recognise what it is that you’re feeling so that you can then make the decision that best supports you at that time.
  • It’s important to note though that it doesn’t mean that a love-based decision never has apprehension, but it feels like excited apprehension rather than contracted fear

About the speaker

Barb is a Speaker, Author, and Coach, has been on the leading edge of Transformational Coaching for over 15 years.

Barb works with high-achievers who, despite external accomplishments, are finding themselves yearning for more freedom, joy, and meaning in their lives. She herself knows that “hole” of quiet desperation that can exist even though achievement is high.

Her clients, though an exploration of their truly authentic priorities, values, and dreams, release those relationships and circumstances that are draining and depleting them, and instead build lives that are vibrant and purpose-driven.

Barb speaks frequently at conferences and on industry panels, and was the official Life Coach for the Fine Living Channel for 8 years. She lives in northern Colorado with her husband and two spirited daughters.

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