Episode 01: Business Success beyond 40 with Angela Raspass

Episode 01: Business Success beyond 40 with Angela Raspass

Angela Raspass Your Next Chapter Podcast - Business Success
Angela Raspass Your Next Chapter Podcast - Business Success

It’s time to step into Your Next Chapter in business and life.

In this Podcast you can look forward to a delicious wholehearted blend of inspiration, skill building, how to’s and marketing and communication strategy to help you create and expand your business success with a strong focus on knowing your value and owning your worth.

It’s time to create a fulfilling business that makes a difference, blending meaning and money!

In this episode I’m simply sharing the philosophy behind a Next Chapter Business – that unique blend of passion, purpose and contribution.

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Show Notes

This is the very first episode of the Your Next Chapter Podcast where I’m sharing my Next Chapter Business Philosophy – some of the insights include:

  • A Next Chapter business is one that allows you to leverage your life experience, to shorten the journey for others
  • It is often created as a result of the challenges you have overcome – but that does not necessarily mean trauma or pain, it can just mean that through your own endeavours and energy, you’ve found a quicker route to a desired result
  • Authenticity and vulnerability are essential for building trust in your audience
  • The skills that come most naturally to you are the best ones to utilise and leverage to market your business,
  • Your Next Chapter is an evolution, not a revolution!

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