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Your Next Chapter Podcast Guest Application

Thanks for being a guest on the Your Next Chapter Podcast!

Especially created for women who are building a business that blends contribution, fulfillment, and financial reward, the Your Next Chapter Podcast blends, marketing, mindset, and personal growth strategies along with personal stories from inspiring people who are creating new businesses and lives in the next stage of their lives.

And one of those inspiring people is you!

There are just a few steps to get us started


We may already have you booked in, but just if not, the interview booking link is below. Podcast Interviews are in the AEST time zone. If you cannot find a time that suits your timezone, please email [email protected] and we will find a solution.

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We will use your photo for promos of your episode on social media and on my website and we will supply this artwork to you as well.  Click the link below to upload your high-resolution landscape photos (more than one is preferable as we create an episode cover, banner artwork, FB artwork and additional quotes drawn from your interview).


Please provide your bio, your website and the social media connections you would like us to include on your profile so my listeners can connect with you.

Finally, if there are any additional resources you would like us to highlight, such as a book or event please feel free to upload those images and add the info to your bio.



  • Please ensure you have a headset or earbuds with a microphone (Apple earbuds with the built-in mike are perfect or something similar) and are in a quiet area so we can create a quality sound for our listeners. I cannot interview you without a headset of some sort. If you have a quality microphone, even better!
  • Please log out of Facebook and any other social media platforms and your mobile phone on silent to avoid any unexpected pings and beeps! Best to also set your Skype setting to “do not disturb” once we have connected.
  • The interview will be conducted in my ZOOM room and the link is  https://zoom.us/j/758455744.
  • We will chat with camera on at first and then switch it off for the actual interview so I can focus on what you're saying - I find that so much easier.
  • I record the intro to each Podcast after our interview so I can highlight some key takeaways for our listeners – this is where I also share your bio details and a snippet of your story so the interview is in context. So when we meet to record, we'll go straight into our conversation – I will not be “reading your bio” at that time, so please don’t be concerned.
  • Please also let me know about anything special you would like me to highlight on the Podcast web page - guests often have a book, workshop, or event they like me to link to and I am happy to do so.
  • Your episode is promoted through organic social media posts on Linked In and Facebook and my Facebook Groups with a paid post on the release date as well as through a newsletter sent to my list talking about the Episode. We are also dabbling in small audio/video combinations and Facebook Lives too. Original artwork is created for each episode and a copy will be provided to you for also share – an optional, but highly encouraged and appreciated activity! We usually create 2-3 pieces of artwork AND a large banner for the page featuring your lovely self - this is why a variety of landscape images are so important. 

I anticipate a free-flowing 30-45 minute wholehearted conversation and I always begin with asking you about your own Next Chapter before we dig into the specific questions you have provided me with.

I do not edit our conversation – I prefer the natural approach.

When will your episode be published?

Usually within 3-4 weeks of recording, but all depends on our publication schedule. We will notify you via email, with your unique artwork graphic and direct links so you can share the episode with your own community through social media and your newsletter.

Thanks again for investing your time and sharing your story and expertise – there are a great many women waiting to hear from you!


Angela Raspass Business Mentor, Author, Soeaker, Podcaster and Self-Worth Advocate, Sydney, Australia

Angela Raspass
Business Mentor, Author, Self-Worth Educator

Your Next Chapter Podcast