Do you want a fabulous 2019

But you're not sure where to start?

This 4 step approach to reflecting, regrouping and planning will help you create a brilliant year in business!

You know that taking time to focus on your business goals, the services you want to create, launch and deliver, the new clients you want to reach, the new marketing ideas you'd like to develop and implement is vital. Having a plan, a framework to operate within so you know where and how to best spend your time to achieve your goals gives you the very best chance of success - success as you define it.  

But perhaps when you do sit yourself down to create your plan, you're not sure where to begin? It's all very well having a vision, but how do you bring it to life? You may ask yourself:

  • What is the best use of my time? 
  • What do I really want to achieve? 
  • How do I actually reach my goals?
  • What steps do I take to connect with and attract clients? 
  • What should I do first?

There IS a clear way to plan your year and set yourself up for success

I'm sharing the approach I personally use and I know it will help you to create a successful and satisfying new year in business. 

This self-study program provides you with 4 training webinars and 4 comprehensive workbooks so you have my guidance to take action on the insights, strategies and tips I share with you.

In "Review and Renew" you will discover how to:

  • Harvest and learn from the emotional and tangible results of this year and what these reveal to you
  • Identify the success gaps you need to close
  • Evaluate the revenue streams of your year and how they influence your next steps
  • Develop an "Offer Staircase" that helps you to build log term relationships with clients, rather than conduct short term transactions with customers 
  • Isolate the best market opportunities for new year and what needs to be retained, changed, introduced and let go of  
  • Harness the hidden benefits of setting Trifecta goals 
  • Craft your Captivating Statement that connects you with your Most Aligned clients across multiple mediums
  • Select your best Marketing Megaphone and Support Acts
  • Create your Business landscape - the big picture of your year 
  • Extract the core goals from your plan an underpin them with strategies and tactics
  • Summarise your Vision into a one page Snapshot to keep you focused and action oriented throught the year 

In this training you will receive:

Four Training Webinars where I will go through the concepts in each of the four workbooks.

Four comprehensive Workbooks that you can print off and work through.

You'll finish the program clear and confident for a successful new year in business!

You will also receive four Bonus Resources:


The Cascade Plan.....for seamless quarterly planning


The Weekly Planner...for everyday focus and flow


The Marketing Mosaic...core strategies and underlying tactics


The Visibility plan your Market Visbility Activity 

Business Planning with Angela Raspass

I’m a Business Strategist and Mentor, and I help women in their 40’s and beyond develop and expand Next Chapter businesses. 

 In this chapter of your life, you know what's important. You want your business to make a meaningful contribution, to inspire and nourish you so you feel purposeful and fulfilled. It needs to fit around your life and wellness priorities as you may have looked burnout or breakdown right in the eye and have no intention of going there again. 

You also want, and deserve, a healthy financial return on your time and energy. And so together, we develop a strong business framework that aligns with your values, skills and desire for contribution and fulfilment, and then reach out and connect with your Most Aligned Clients through wholehearted marketing. 

I also ensure you have the tools, support and strategies to navigate through the self-doubt and overwhelm that too often holds you back from taking the consistent, inspired action that leads to results. 

I’ve been in business for myself since 2003. I built a successful marketing agency with a Sydney office, a full time team and a mid six figures turnover before realising it was eating me alive and choosing to start my own Next Chapter.  

I believe Next Chapter businesses are often built on the skinned knees of your experience and I’m absolutely committed to helping you to turn your experience into a profitable and purposeful business. And I know that every sustainable business needs a strong plan. 

Having a clear plan makes reaching your goals far easier!

What People Are Saying

Angela has helped me to catapult my business not only with her wealth of skills, but also in her ability to help me build my own confidence and belief in myself. I truly believe no-one can succeed if their self-worth is in tatters.

I have thrown my beliefs away around not being a sales and marketing person and now know I am and have always been a natural networker and connector. I am now constantly watching that I don’t over give, that I don’t rescue all my clients and I don’t devalue my work or myself by under charging.

Sharleen Greer, Founder of Midlife Couage.

Sometimes building something new can be overwhelming and all seem to hard and unobtainable despite our best efforts. 

Having Angela on my support team made it seem possible. She dealt with every challenge that arose with such heartfelt, wise counsel - she came into my life at a time when I thought it might be all too hard. And now, when I think how far I have come...I believe I can do it! So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kate Riordan, Business Improvement Consultant

In my story, Angela’s true gift has been her skills as a coach. During our work together, I experienced personal tragedy so intense it could very easily have stopped me in my tracks, and disabled my dream; however, Angela remained present and supportive. She empathized with my experience and continued to pique and connect with my need to create a world and business I, and my family, would be proud of. 

And from the ashes of despair has arisen a ‘phoenix’ of a business. I could not have achieved this without Angela’s gentle and persistent guidance. I will forever be grateful."  

Linley Cornish, Live the story you wish to tell 

I would absolutely recommend any woman, regardless of a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping am old one, to work with you. You have the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart. You talk and walk your business. It exudes the wholehearted message you want other woman and their business to achieve. You care and support the women you work with. You help them find the pieces that are missing in their business and within themselves. 

I am grateful you came into my life. Not only have helped my book find its place in the world but you have helped me grow into the person I have always been but was too afraid to show. 

Danielle Wright, Author of Sleepy Magic