It's enjoyable AND valuable too!


Would you like a free Business Mentoring Session with me?

The listeners of my Podcast are enjoying the episodes where they hear the true stories of how women just like them have stepped into their Next Chapters. They're listening to how fear and doubt can be navigated, steep learning curves can be managed and business models, marketing, and sales can be developed.

And now we've added a new layer - On-Air Mentoring Sessions!

Once a month I'll be providing a member of my Next Chapter Community with the opportunity to receive a complimentary Mentoring Session with me on the Podcast. Together, we'll wrangle with a part of your business that is frustrating or confusing, we'll find new opportunities to explore, gaps to close, ideas to grow.

And our conversation will not only help you but many other women as well, as they listen in and hear how a fresh perspective and small changes can deliver significant improvements in a business.

If you would like to be considered for a Podcast Mentoring call, you can complete the application form below.

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